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Old boy bitten by a calf after fester friends said the Department of Paederus bite Beijing Morning News Hotline news (reporter Tian Jiexiong) the day before, the public Ms. Zong his two-year-old son ball (a pseudonym) the condition of the photos on the Internet for help, causing users concern. I see pictures of the boy left leg large area of red blisters, accompanied by multiple purulent, miserable kind of worrying. Ms. Zong said that after Beijing Children’s Hospital, PLA 301 Hospital diagnosis, confirmed by the insect bites after allergy caused. Yesterday, the ball leg condition improved, redness and swelling area is no longer expanding. Doctors say the number of cases bitten by insects has increased recently, reminding people to take precautions. According to Ms., the mother of the ball ball, she found the bag on her son’s leg in the morning, and she didn’t take it seriously at first. "At that time only walnut is so big, I thought it was mosquito bite, do not care, take the children out to play.". The results did not expect to spread too fast, where the water flowing out of the blister, where will continue to bubble." The reporter from the ladies in the photo to see the ball, the left leg badly swollen, red blisters with medial across several small pustule, shocking. Ms. Zong said, less than two days after the discovery of blisters, spread to the thigh, "the child’s legs swollen quickly catch up with my legs, he has been crying, crying for pain, I really feel sorry for death."." According to Ms. Zong, since September 25th, she took her children to the Beijing Children’s Hospital, the PLA 301 Hospital for medical treatment, and finally confirmed that the disease is caused by insect bites after allergy, "but what specific worms, doctors can not be confirmed."." Fortunately, as of yesterday, after the medication, the ball’s leg condition has improved, "although the child still feel pain, but anyway, blisters no longer spread."." Ms. Zong will ball disease online, many netizens said the illness may be caused by mainly distributed in the south of paederus dermatitis, called the worm by beating in vivo stimulation of toxin can cause skin lesions in the skin. The reporter will ball condition photograph to the PLA No.302 Hospital Department of Dermatology physician Zhao Jingchang said, he is from the picture did not confirm the paederus dermatitis, dermatitis is not common in Beijing, but has recently been skin problems caused by insect bites were indeed many, doctors suggest the public attention to prevention. Clues: Mr. Ma Zong for map note: video only for extended reading. The man was bitten on the left hand amputated fester risk acutus

两岁男童小腿被虫咬后溃烂 网友称系隐翅虫咬伤北京晨报热线新闻(记者 田杰雄)日前,市民宗女士将自己两岁儿子球球(化名)的病情照片放到网上求助,引发网友关注。只见图片上男童左小腿大面积红肿起泡,并伴有多处化脓,惨样令人揪心。宗女士称经北京儿童医院、解放军301医院诊断后,确认是由虫子叮咬后过敏所致。昨日,球球小腿状况好转,红肿区域不再扩大。医生称近期被虫叮咬的病例增多,提醒市民注意防范。据球球的妈妈宗女士说,9月23日早晨,她发现了儿子腿上的包,起初没有当回事。“当时只有核桃那么大,我还以为是蚊子咬的没在意,就带孩子出去玩。结果没想到蔓延太快,水泡中的水流出来后沾到哪里,哪里就会继续起泡。”从宗女士提供的照片中记者看到,球球的左侧小腿红肿不堪,内侧遍布红色的水泡并伴有几处较小的脓包,令人触目惊心。宗女士称,水泡发现后不到两天,就蔓延至大腿,“孩子的腿肿得都快赶上我的腿了,他一直哇哇哭,喊着疼,我真是心疼死了。”据宗女士称,自9月25日起,自己带着孩子先后到过北京儿童医院、解放军301医院求医,最终确定该病是由虫子叮咬后过敏所致,“但具体是什么虫子,医生也无法确认。”幸好截止到昨日,在用药过后,球球的小腿状况已经好转,“孩子虽然还是觉得疼,但好歹水泡已经不再扩散了。”宗女士将球球的病症放到网上后,许多网友表示该病症可能是由主要分布于南方的隐翅虫造成的皮炎,称该虫经拍打后体内的刺激性毒素留在皮肤上可造成皮肤病变。记者将球球的病情照片拿给解放军302医院皮肤科主治医师赵敬昌,他表示从图片中并不能确认是隐翅虫皮炎,该皮炎在京也并不常见,但近期被虫叮咬后造成皮肤问题的病例确实不少,医生提示市民注意防范。线索:马先生宗女士供图注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 男子被五步蛇咬伤 左手溃烂险被截肢相关的主题文章: