October autumn leaves to make 2 million trips to Sanmenxia with expected reward-chompoo araya

October autumn leaves to make dye 2 million passengers are expected to Sanmenxia tours Sanmenxia Gansu Red Hill correspondent reporter Fang Lin Ren Jiang photography Sanmenxia Gansu Red Hill correspondent reporter Fang Lin Zhang Mingyun photography / reporter Fang Lin correspondent Lv Bin Yan Zhao Washington Xishan red leaves, thick dew lust. Every autumn, there is a color occupied the heart of Sanmenxia. Such as Xia slope, such as jumping, cenglinjinran leaves open in the hearts of people. Diffuse Red Hill Sanmenxia dyed colorful painting is deep autumn, red leaves. The autumn wind blowing the leaves, the mountains began to red. In the leaves above the bottom limona, reentry red, in Huang, faint red color, natural color of the deployment of several levels, quite. In October, after several rain, Sanmenxia Mianchi county the Yellow River Dan Gorge Scenic Area leaves open more bright. Dahe reporter at the top of the mountain from afar, interspersed with patches of red layer upon layer of peaks and knolls, blue sky, red earth…… There’s nothing better than that. Into the mountains, as if in a colorful painting. Red, green and white dancing, as if he has become a part of the poetic, see through, view is endless, endless tours. "It’s really beautiful! Would have wanted to see it very early." Scenic area, from Luoyang, Ms. Lee said with a smile. And Ms. Lee, the same day there are many foreign tourists in the scenic area. They are gathering in crowds and groups or take pictures, or a watch, people did not forget to pick up a few leaves home. Many photographers also chose to come here to view, looking for inspiration. Sanmenxia city forestry work station owners Peng Xinglong told reporters Dahe, Sanmenxia for many species of leaves, sumac, Pistacia chinensis, five maple birchleafpear, frost, their leaves gradually turn red. Because the tree species diversity, the red color is not the same, the formation of color, can be comparable with the Beijing xiangshan. Diffuse Red Hill also flourishing local tourism in the late autumn season, in fact, is red red place not only in Mianchi the Yellow River Dan gorge, Sanmenxia Gan Mountain National Forest Park, Lushi dragon bay, Grand Canyon of western Henan, Lingbao temple and other places, also has a red. "We Sanmenxia leaves has been more and more attractive." Mention Sanmenxia Hongye, local photographer Zhang Mingyun excited. In October 2015, Zhang Mingyun, a group of aerial Ganshan red figure, do not want to put online, instantly detonated network. The second day, Gan Shan Park overcrowding. "The vehicle from the scenic square has been lined up a dozen kilometers, is full of people to see red leaves." Zhang Mingyun smiled and said, in fact, this "sensational" is not his credit, but the Sanmenxia red "was very beautiful, a lot of". No wonder! In recent years, Sanmenxia vigorously promote the transformation and development, increase investment in forestry construction, forest coverage rate reached 50.7%, to maintain the province’s first, access to national garden city, National Forest City title. Naturally, Sanmenxia leaves more and more, more and more common. The leaves Manshan red is not only the mountains and rivers, as well as local tourism. According to Gan Mountain National Park Area Manager Wu Lijun introduced only in October 15th, 16 days to two days, Ganshan park area to see red leaves of the number reached 40 thousand people, or even date also has a large number of people come here to see the red)相关的主题文章: