Obama farewell Merkel said the United States remains unchanged – Sohu news on NATO obligations-sweets parade

Obama "farewell" Merkel said the United States to NATO duty unchanged – News Agency news Sohu Berlin 17 November, his last visit to Germany, the United States President Obama 17 in Berlin to meet with Merkel. As Obama’s farewell tour, he and Prime Minister of Germany were to see a reporter had revealed that distressed at parting. "I visited Germany eight years ago when I was not elected president." Obama, who has been the sixth president of the United States to visit Germany, reviewed his experience with Merkel. He said that from the beginning of the office to the present, he and Merkel may be the United States’ closest ally, the only two still in office leaders, she is an excellent partner." Data figure: local time on November 14th, U.S. President Obama held the first press conference after the White House election. The picture is Obama. China News Agency reporter Zhang Yuran photo for some of the claims to Barack Trump caused by NATO members doubts, Obama responded that he was excited, Trump insisted that "NATO is a will not change" obligations ", he will fully take as the basis of NATO’s international security the obligation. I think it’s very important." Obama served as president of the United States during the visit to Germany in the most times. He went to Germany in April this year to attend the Hannover industrial fair, was considered to be his last visit to germany. Merkel said he was "hard to say goodbye" to Obama, who thanked Mr Obama for his "close and friendly cooperation" over the past eight years". Obama joked, this will not be the last time he went to Germany, because he missed the Munich beer festival in October, "if you come to participate as president, I will have more fun." Berlin Obama day also accepted the German "Der Spiegel" magazine and the West German Broadcasting Company joint interview. Data figure: U.S. President Obama and German Chancellor Merkel. China News Agency reporter Du Yang she talked about is regarded as one of the most important political legacy health-care reform abolition, Obama said that if Trump proved that they can successfully improve the health care system, and do better than him, "then I will support his efforts". "But when he tries to do that, we find that the system we have adopted is the best we can design." Obama stressed that the election and the ruling is different, "he said during the campaign no matter what, I hope when he next action to careful attention to the actual situation." The 18 day, Obama will be in Berlin and Germany, France, Britain, Spain and Italy, the five leaders held talks, after he will depart for Peru in Lima for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) twenty-fourth leaders’ informal meeting. (end)相关的主题文章: