Nutrition improvement program steering report pilot counties have financial security risks (video) cancam

Nutrition improvement plan pilot county funds supervision report: Security reporter Zhang Wei recently issued the "Ministry of education to improve student nutrition for rural compulsory education special supervision report plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"), pointed out that the nutrition improvement plan has been carried out for 4 years, the safety of funds still need to guard against the risk. Some places do not strictly implement the tender procurement requirements. Part of the school did not implement the special account accounting, individual school canteen expenses did not obtain legal and valid bills. Part of the larger amount of special funds. Some pilot counties have varying degrees of the central special fund balances, can not give full play to the effectiveness of the use of funds, while the existence of financial security risks. The "report" requirements, to strengthen food safety supervision, strengthen the standardized management of funds, strict financial security "voltage", on the discovery of serious problems misappropriation, false taking of funds, to be serious accountability. According to the "report", as of the end of April 2016, a total of 1502 counties to carry out nutrition improvement plan pilot work, the implementation of student nutrition improvement plan of the 137 thousand schools, the benefit of students reached 33 million 540 thousand people. State Department: 12 years of free education for the disabled children and adolescents相关的主题文章: