Ningbo woman suddenly became a wanted man Panic cheated 250 thousand-sopor aeternus

Ningbo woman suddenly became a wanted man? The panic cheated 250 thousand to "judge" calls asked her why she did not go to court the respondent, Ms. Ningbo Yuyao acts initially suspected of telecommunications fraud, however, call the Public Security Bureau of the phone, found myself a large network of fraud warrant ", she couldn’t calm down, a step by step into the fraud scam, cheated 250 thousand yuan. "Judge" say you have been charged one day in early October this year, Ms. tu do clothing business in Yuyao received a strange phone, the caller claiming to be "Yuyao City People’s court", accused Ms. acts how not to court the respondent, and inform and Ms. arrears bank ten thousand yuan, has been Beijing business the bank sued. "I was very puzzled when I got the call, and I thought I was not calling." Ms. Wu told reporters, had seen a lot of telecommunications fraud cases reported, perhaps this phone is also. She recalled that after receiving the call, he said to each other, only in 2007 and 2008 to Beijing, did not borrow any money to any bank in Beijing. Listen and say MS, caller Schmidt, said there may be leakage of personal information and MS, MS to quickly report acts, and provides the alarm number of Public Security Bureau of Beijing District of Pinggu, also provides a web site to check and ms.. What happened next, then let the lady thoroughly panic god. "In accordance with the caller’s phone call to the Public Security Bureau, I played in the past half believe and half doubt." Ms. Wu said that the phone is a man, claiming to be police officer chen". Chen police first confirmed with her personal information, accurate to say her identity card number and date of birth. Hearing the personal information is completely correct, ms.. Subsequently, Chen police told her that she was involved in a fraud case, the public security organs will freeze their personal accounts. He also reminded the young lady, open a web site to see, you can know what he said is not true. This look, let the woman be frightened and change color acts. Ms. Wu said, after opening the page home, see is a big network fraud arrest warrant, the suspect is his own. In addition, there is a file to freeze their assets. "I was scared to see that I was wanted and the money was frozen." And said, was a bit puzzled, "officer Chen hurried to help remedy. Under the instructions of the police officer Chen, Ms. Wu has a total of 250 thousand yuan through the bank self-service deposit machine remittance. After the transfer of the home of the lady, and her husband about the matter, only to realize that when the. Currently, Ms. Wu has been an alarm, the case is under investigation. "Wanted" is a fake Yuyao court judge said, many people usually see a similar range of telecommunications fraud cases, but encountered himself, was a liar operation if a flicker, often confound, liar tactics are constantly "upgrade", fake warrant is a kind of deception just appeared. The so-called "wanted", "the book", "the book" often hung on the public security department and the court of the head, and even fake seals, at first glance very. In fact, these are crooks through PS and other means, forged from. The most important thing is that true judges and police officers will never guide the public.相关的主题文章: