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Reference-and-Education Science fiction author Kapiel Raaj has just released his brand new novel titled Kyirux: The Message of Pascal. This is a first of trilogy books which deals with the biggest question asked in humanity today, Where did we come from, and who created this Universe? As a child and in our adulthood we have always wondered at some point or another about our origins, and true finite roots of humans and other life on this planet. Nothing can happen by accident, which even the physics agree to as the law of the jungle. There are many science fiction books out there, but hardly have I run into ones that answer the most basic question for humanity on a more subtle level. The last known good science fiction book regarding human origins and ancient aliens was 2001 Space Odyssey. There are other like the comedy Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and Dune, but mostly all left us asking more questions than answers, but seems like author Kapiel Raaj made it his life long passion to search for our origins. Hes also one of the first mainstream science fiction author of India. The reason why he wanted to write such a novel was not only to entertain a reader and take them on a journey that we only see in Spielbergs films, but he was looking for such a book or novel to answers some of the most profound question for him regarding human origins, and the origins of this Universe. He didnt care if it was fiction or non-fiction, he just wanted one true defining moment that would show everything in a book, and when he didnt find it, he wrote one himself in Kyirux Trilogy. Let me share the short synopsis with you of Kyirux part 1. A strange device has been discovered from deep beneath the surface of our planet. Its origins: unknown. Its age: older than life, and its purpose; to change mankind. The secrets of human evolution and purpose of our existence has finally been answered by this device. The information it contains maybe too much for a human mind to fathom, because once the mind knows its true origin, it can drive a human being mad. This device, which identified itself as ‘KYIRUX’, also gave us a warning of celestial proportions. The information inside this device is not to be handled by the faint of hearts. Just reading this synopsis gives you chills about quickly opening the first chapter and launching yourself into the unknown void of space which contains all the answers. This self published authors sci-fi book became such a huge hit on the web that he had to write the second part quicker than he ever expected; which was released on March 11th 2011. Just reading the first book makes you think completely different about the world and the matrix that surrounds us. He not only talks about our origins, but he also solves some of the most famous theories about our ancient past in his trilogy, like: Pyramids, Planet Nibiru, Anunnaki and alien moon base which was first discovered during the Apollo 11 landing. The idea and theory he provides about the Alien moon base; blew my mind and shook me to the core, as I never looked at our moon in such a way before. Moon, for lack of a better word, is not what you think; its not what has been taught to you in science class in high school. This book will make you throw away your science books, or at least make you question them. The author has taken some of the true facts and conspiracies of our planet, and turned them into a cinematic theme storytelling avenue of a novel. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: