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Arts-and-Entertainment In this connection, the digital computer LED writing board of this invention is essentially a writing faceplate of high resolution constructed with a soft film piezoelectric material. It is suitable for writing or drawing conveniently with a common writing instrument with the character tracing and/or graphic forms thus produced input in a high fidelity to a computer memory for storage or for a display on the screen, or for printing out, so as to achieve a goal of having a handwriting or graphic form reproduced completely in its original form. A digital computer LED writing board making use of the piezoelectric characteristics by means of a soft piezoelectric film material to convert a physical pressure into an electrical signal, which is utilized to form fine electric polar lines of high resolution to be arranged into an upper layer and a lower layer quadraturally for sub-group encoding, then for reading out the positions of various signals which will be detected by a detection circuits and stored into a memory for processing by a computer and for displaying on the corresponding positions on the screen. The digital computer writing board is capable of having a common writing instrument (such as a pencil, ball pen . . . etc.) directly writing or drawing and having those character tracings or graphic patterns thus left to be processed digitally for storage in a memory for further processing, display, identification within the computer terminal or for the transmission as an electronic document and printing out, with a view to providing a solution to such problems as one in which a hand writing of characters or graphs is insusceptibly connected within an interface of the computer or communication link. This has been a revolutional contribution as means inputing some handwriting to the computers of next generation. A digital computer LED writing board of the present invention is mainly based on the piezo-electric characteristics of a soft film piezo-electric material such as Polyvinyliden Fluoride (PVDF) with a thickness approximately 30 um (even thinner than that of a common paper). A uniquely designed writing board of high resolution constructed of such material together with necessary detection circuits connected to a computer forms a device suitable for writing or drawing the characters or graphs with a common writing instrument (pencil, ball pen) and storing them into a memory or displaying them on a screen, or printing out in their original patterns without any change. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: