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Neuer pig dabaobuping hope Bayern Champions League draw with Guardiola [star] Neuer sympathy piggy a wall! Neuer’s personal guards fighting skills of sports news highlights Tencent in August 25th the former Bayern midfielder Schweinsteiger is now at Manchester United has been in limbo, in this regard, his former German national team and former Bayern teammate Neuer very puzzled, and insisted that one of the top midfielder is still the world’s pig. The 32 year old Schweinsteiger last season to join Manchester United, because of injuries and the decline in the state has not kicked out of the former level, and eventually took over Manchester United this summer Mourinho completely abandoned, once the world cup midfield now has been reduced to United’s reserves, and is mad the zhukeling. However, on Wednesday, twitter said he is ready to play for Manchester United and will not consider joining other European teams. In this regard, Neuer said: "this is a very sad and sad, we know that Schweinsteiger had all the teams he played a much more important, whether in Bayern or Germany, for me, he has been one of the best midfielders in the world now is still so sad to see the football world so now treat him." For the new Bayern coach Ancelotti, Neuer commented: "he gave us more freedom, he knows we are world class players, he believes in us, he and we get along very relaxed, and that different players have different personalities, but also will be treated differently." For the Champions League draw in Bayern may again meet Manchester (data) or Atletico, Neuer said: "we are not afraid of Atletico, nor Gregory we know the strength of Saltzman, Manchester, also know peiper’s coaching style, but he is also very familiar with Bayern, I want to touch each other very familiar with the team." (Romario)相关的主题文章: