Network anchor zombie zombies out of the street frightened passers-by were

Network anchor as Halloween zombies out of the street was terrified passers-by storm hit October 31st is once a year western Halloween – Halloween, the country staged a thriller Cosplay. By imitating the ghosts dressed in horror, a lot of people are scared of the screaming and crying, so netizens also said the night screaming for the night. But not everyone can accept this trick. 31 evening, a live broadcast of a anchor in the mall to play Zombie Parade, was frightened passers-by crazy beat. Female anchor dressed as red ghosts and the other three men dressed as zombies, lined up into a shopping mall. Such a strange scene provoked people have stopped onlookers photographed, but no one dared to step forward. As the audience asked the anchor to surprise passers-by, the zombies will be locked in a soft sister flutter on the up, terrified sister sitting on the ground screaming. See the girl boyfriend girlfriend was scared, and immediately turned dressed as zombies anchor fat beat. The audience shouted distressed, advised anchor Caution! Interact, point out "bold". As a result of scaring the mall customers, the security requirements of a group of people quickly left anchor. See zombie group did not leave the meaning, the security forces began to force the drive, a word, the two sides move to join hands. "We tried to mediate the female anchor stop is celebrate the festival, don’t do it, but finally forced to leave the mall. Then anchor a pedestrian drove to Internet cafes and bars molested passers-by. Although most people are able to accept a little scared, but some people were scared to anger. According to the statistics, a live down, beating the anchor up to 3 times, "for their Bo fans smile, is pretty fight". Here is to remind you of the practical joke love anchor, funny scary risk, need to be cautious.相关的主题文章: