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The first half of fiscal revenue decline in net products to highlight the advantages of Sohu financial Resilience – recently, China banking financial market reports of banking financial registration hosting Center Limited release "(2016 year)" (hereinafter referred to as the annual report) said that the first half of 2016, the banking financial market financial products issued a total of 97636, the cumulative the funds raised 83 trillion and 980 billion yuan, among them, open products accumulated 59 trillion and 850 billion yuan to raise funds; closed-end products accumulated 24 trillion and 130 billion yuan to raise funds. Semi annual financial products customer return payment data show that the first half of the year, which closed according to the amount of funds raised weighted average payment customers 3.98% annualized rate of return, net financial products, non payment customers weighted average annualized rate of return of 3.96%, net financial products weighted average payment customers annualized rate of return of 4.58%. In addition, the open type of non cash based financial products weighted average annual rate of return on customer satisfaction was 3.32%. Relatively speaking, the net profit of the most closed type products. Pu Yi standard researcher Wei Jiyao accept the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, the fund net type properties of the product itself does not guarantee the rigid payment limit, so banks need not be guaranteed security interest as the product of the mandatory requirements, investment dimensions makes the products can choose more widely. At the same time, you can choose some of the higher risk, higher return on assets to invest, to ensure that the overall return on the asset side is relatively high, but also makes the product side of the proceeds can be maintained at a relatively high position. The first half net type products issued 37 billion 800 million Wei Jiyao said non net products is expected return products, the expected return of products still failed to break the rigid payment, required therefore guaranteed security interest has caused great pressure to the asset side. In order to guarantee the stability of the income, the bank must choose the high quality assets with low risk and high return. In addition, the continuing role of asset allocation and investment shortage "is too narrow, which is extremely difficult to find high-quality assets, the situation has been formed, which also accelerated the end of assets revenue continued to decline, eventually transferred to the end product lead to expected return financial products yields continued to decline. Some industry analysts believe that the net products exist about the scale of rate to sustain rapid growth at the same time scale, in addition to state-owned banks and joint-stock banks, city commercial banks and rural financial institutions are also involved, launched the net type products, although some products may only be the form of the net model, but to little change but, obviously can feel this kind of product is in a state of rapid development. Semi annual report shows that in the first half, the total net value of closed-end products and open type products has reached 37 billion 800 million yuan, in 2015 was $50 billion 150 million. It is pointed out that, due to the net value of the product is not guaranteed financial products, so the lower the risk appetite of investors can choose the expected return on their assets to maintain the product. Judging from the current situation, although financial products revenue continued相关的主题文章: