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Mind Body Spirit Connection When I started in medicine 30 years ago in Physician Assistant School, I learned mostly about the body and its problems. We studied a little psychology but very little about how the mind works and nothing about the body mind spirit connection. I noticed that many physical illnesses were caused by stress and how we think. And over the years, I have begun to understand that our mind is the connecting link between the body and our spiritual self. When we learn how to control our thoughts, then our bodies become more whole because we are more connected to the perfect spiritual side of our selves. Many of us have religious beliefs that help us develop our spiritual side. But let us suppose it is the opposite, maybe we are spiritual beings, trying to become more human. If that is the case then it is extremely important to learn how our minds work so that our spiritual part, which is perfect, can connect with our bodies to instruct it how it can improve to become healthy and happy every day that we are alive. We can learn to consciously control our thoughts to focus on solutions instead of the problems; the desired perfect outcome instead of the worst-case scenario; the good in people instead of the faults. We can begin to listen to the still small voice of intuition that is constantly guiding us. Intuition comes as mental pictures, self talk, or feelings. It is the perfect inner spiritul part of us trying to guide our bodies to do the correct thing for the best outcome for all concerned. It is important to learn as much as possible about ourselves. Read books, listen to tapes, or attend classes to learn more. About Naturopathic Medicine Naturopathic Medicine is a system of health and healing that does not rely on a diagnosis. It involves an assessment using questions, iridology, and muscle response testing to identify the underliying cause of the symptoms. The search is for root causes. The causes are disruptions in the normal body systems mostly related to nutritional deficiencies, toxins, imbalances in normal healthy bacteria, or chronic injury and abuse. This natural health assessment results in a prescription for health which may include nutrition and diet, supplements, herbs, massage and reflexology, exercise, cleanses, chiropractic, and energy work. The foods are the most important. They are the fuel for your body. They should be live and organically grown if possible. We think that Eating Right 4 Your Blood Type is an excellent, easy to follow system of selecting foods that are most beneficial to your body. The other things are designed to restore the natural physiology and energy flow within the body. The goal is perfect health so that your body can fight off disease in a natural way. Our job at The Healing Center is to help you find your root cause and lead you to a healthy way of life. About Homeopathy Homeopathic Medicine is a system of Life Care created by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann over 150 years ago. He was a Physician and after his own daughter died, he devised a totally new system. This is based on the concept that like cures like and based totally on symptoms and not on a diagnosis. He found that certain natural substances, if given to a healthy person, would make them ill with specific repeatable symptoms. (He called this proving). But if that substance was given to a person who was ill with the same symptoms as the proving, it would cure them, hence the term, Homeopathy (like cures like). The exact mechanism of action of this is not known, but it has proven to work very well. For example, the influenza of 1918 (which was also bird flu) killed over 50 million people. Homeopathic remedies cured 80% and Traditional medicine cured aout 20%. Of course, traditional medicine has come a long way since them, but Homeopathy does work well and will be a safe, successful treatment for the flu. Homeopathy can be used for acute and chronic health issues. These are some of our favorite remedies to help our clients. They are inexpensive and when you get the correct remedy, it takes care of the mental, physical and emotional issues. As I study and understand the depth of homeopathy, I want to talk a little more about it and show you some of the possibilities. Homeopathy has been around for 200 years. It is a complete system of therapeutics with over 3000 remedies. In Europe, it is often the primary form of medical care with prescription medicine and surgery used only for emergencies or if herbs and homeopathy fail. I have found it to be a great tool for things that traditional American health care cannot address. Here are a few examples: The shock of bad news. – Grief or loss that you just cannot get over. – Fatigue ever since a bad flu or mono. – Headaches every since the birth of a child. – Confusion or memory changes since a head injury. – Autism. – Accelerated healing of sprains and fractures. – Colic in children. – Teething. – Depression. – Physical and mental effects of premenstrual syndrome. – Muscle cramps and spasms. And the list goes on. Our emphasis at the Healing Center is on food and nutrition first. Give your body the correct fuel it needs. Give supplements and herbs to cleanse, repair, and rebuild. Use homeopathic medicines to correct the functional conditions. Take prescription medicine and use surgery to deal with the pathologic or damaged tissue that has deteriorated too far. Remember our motto, Put Your Health in Your Own Hands, means you have to be responsible for your own health. You can not expect the doctor to fix everything. Keep in mind, there are remedies for those things that traditional medicine seems to ignore. About the Author: Bob Huttinga is a Physician Assistant. He and Barb Huttinga are Certified Natural Health Practitioners in Lakeview, Michigan. They offer alternative medicine and body-mind-spirit treatment for health minded consumers across Michigan. The Healing Center of Lakeview offers education as well as a retail gift store. ..healmich.. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: