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National soldiers do not give up hope there are seven expect to create miracles! [information] the country foot home court 0-1 Syria Gu super attack errors gifts Legal Evening News (reporter Wang Fan) yesterday evening, the 2018 World Cup Asian zone qualifying round of 12 fight, the Orangemen in home court 0 1 lost to Syria team. So far, 12 finals round finish, the Orangemen 1 flat 2 negative only 1 points, temporarily ranked fifth place in group A. For this game will win the game, the country will be 3 points to the opponent, after 4 days, the team will be away against Uzbekistan, the prospect of the top 12 games is not optimistic. Multitray with good attitude too impatient to win but too tight last night Xi’an almost a home court All seats are occupied. accompanied by race, rainfall and a disappointment results, did not wash away the enthusiasm of the audience. After the game, the national coach Gao Hongbo first said he was very sorry at the scene so many fans concerned about the team lost the game. And then, in the replay game Gao Hongbo admitted that the Orangemen in the game’s passing success rate is low, "we all win desire is very strong, we expect we fight each other counter attack mainly by using full width, the other state is very good, we pass success rate is not high. There are some decline in the game, but the second half has some changes." The game starting striker Gao Lin said after the game, too want to win, but the game against impatience, "more, sometimes too much emphasis on cooperation in fighting, the poor, or too want to win the game, the team there are some impatience. This is the game, sometimes you may want to force too stretched too tightly, there will be some unnecessary mistakes." Zhang Xizhe also said that the team mentality is more anxious, the opponent is weaker than the first two opponents, we are home combat, would like to take the 3 points." In the formulation of the technical and tactical level, Gao Hongbo also expressed his views: "now as a national coach, at present we are also exploring the team game, super axis is foreign aid, Chinese players have less chance to test the contest, we played in some tactical settings can play their own advantages the other, limit the attack characteristics of tactics." Gao Hongbo is sure that the players want to tie the game behind the mental state after the game did not forget to send cool season, but in such a rain, the Orangemen repeat past mistakes. Gu Chao of the accident scene to attack as goalkeeper attack errors, missing a ball to change tactics is worth mentioning is that the country based on the game’s first two substitutions are because of injuries and health problems on the field team, and the team in the game are not like to create scoring opportunities, but because of the goalkeeper a hasty attack let the victory the scales of the Syria side. Gao Hongbo said: the other side to seize such a chance to fight back, seize our cooperation is not very understanding of a mistake scored." When it comes to goalkeeper Gu Chao’s low-level mistakes, Gao Hongbo said: we think that regardless of this super, or the last one is very good, as a defensive player, it can not be a little mistake does not appear." Zhang Xizhe also said: the opponent goal"相关的主题文章: