National Day screen Goodfellas reputation is better than the Spy Drama-puritans pride

National Day screen: "Goodfellas" reputation is better than the Spy Drama "Goodfellas" "sparrow" television reporter Du Mainan bustling, during the National Day holiday is even more drama. This costume is absent, the big TV have come up with a large number of spy war drama, war drama hit. In addition to continuing to hit "sparrow", "Crouching Tiger", "city of fantasy" and other shows, the eve of the National Day holiday and five drama broadcasting, respectively is "rouge", "double", "Goodfellas", "intimate partner" and "distance". Some of the popular stars by the cantilever beam of the "high color value" idol Spy Drama has achieved good performance ratings, but also gain a Tucao sound. By Zhang Yi, Li Chen’s partner "Goodfellas" with good reputation is gradually attention. Idol Spy Drama ratings dominate led by "Nirvana in Fire" last year’s national costume lively screen, this year’s golden time basically is the Spy Drama occupied. In reality drama "China relation" ending, no rival Hunan TV Spy Drama "sparrow" can finally in the ratings list champion, during the National Day is continuing to break 2, the network broadcast volume exceeded two hundred million times, the high degree of topic. Although before the actor and actress Li Yifeng and Dongyu Zhou’s acting has been questioned, but the performance of the main performances of the main performances, such as, such as, such as, Zhang Ruoyun, Yin, and so on, are well received by the people of the Republic of China, such as the performance of the leading role of the people of the world, such as the performance of the leading actor and actress, and so on, and. During the national day, the idol star cantilever Spy Drama "rouge" and "double" were also visit the Oriental TV and Jiangsu satellite tv. "Rouge" for the first time from the perspective of women to start the story, starring Zhao Liying and Lu Yi. Among them, Zhao Liying appeared to some manly "gifted female agents" image, that is someone she still get both praise and blame, the evaluation is more suitable for my idol drama silly white sweet image, "once for drama, acting simply can not keep up, very shallow." As for the plot, although also friends Tucao "disappointed", but the fast pace of development is one startling step by step. With the "double" file hit a "Spy Drama specialist Zu Feng games, actress Wang Ziwen was first appeared in the spy theme, this is the two person works following the" Ode to joy "again after the" fit ". "Double" instead of the type of "perfect" characters, a breath of life. But perhaps Wang Ziwen in the "Ode to joy" in the "Fairy" role is too popular, many viewers said Wang Ziwen is acting agents play, composed with "singularity" Zu Feng couple also slightly embarrassed. Comparison of the three hit during the national day of the Spy Drama "sparrow", the highest ratings, has played the first, and "rouge" performance ratings are good, many top three, "double" performance ratings slightly behind. Word of mouth, the story of the three most of the existence of loopholes in the story, it is difficult and the "latent" "Langya list" and other fine drama, so the audience criticized. It is foreseeable that idol Spy Drama has become the trend of the future, there will be more Spy Drama invited little meat "and" little flower "beam star, but also hope that they can make their acting rapidly, after all, Yan value can not eat for a lifetime. "Goodfellas" reputation of King war drama also has been the national archives standard, "bottom pressure")相关的主题文章: