National Day holidays listed company news summary

National Day holidays listed company sina finance news summary App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money Sina Financial News during the National Day holiday, the number of listed companies issued a notice, following news summary: Baosteel WISCO in response to the Shanghai stock exchange inquiry the first trading day after the holiday will resume on September 30th news, Baosteel shares of Wuhan Iron and Steel shares issued a notice from the company and the relevant agency level responded to the September 27th letter to the inquiry of information disclosure. According to the announcement, Baosteel and WISCO shares will be October 10, 2016 opening date for restoration. Erie announcement said the planning of non-public offering of shares in Inner Mongolia will participate in the subscription of the evening of September 30th, Erie shares announcement. Notice that the company intends to suspend the planning of major issues identified as non-public offering of shares. Currently, Inner Mongolia intends to be one of the company’s offering to participate in the issue of subscription. Company stock since October 10, 2016 to continue the suspension of not more than 5 trading days. The last week of September, the 8 companies will be restructured after SF backdoor pending before the national holiday last week, the audit committee of mergers and acquisitions of the reorganization of the 8 companies, Jiangsu Cathay Pacific, Heng Xin mobile, industrial and mining through conditional, sudawei, *ST Xinghua, Jacques technology, northern international, Jiangnan red arrow through unconditional. The October 10th merger and reorganization committee will review the reorganization of Nantong forging, Bohai piston, the Department of crown shares of 3 companies, October 11th reorganization audit dintec new material, alto electronics, Gao Hong shares. Evergrande intends to re shenshenfang A three year commitment to performance of 88 billion 800 million yuan Chinese Hengda in the evening of October 3rd, HKEx announced that the agreement with shenshenfang, the latter to issue A shares or cash to buy Chinese Hengda domestic Affiliated Companies Guangzhou Kchibo Real Estate Co. holds 100% stake in Hengda Real Estate; signed a formal agreement, Hengda Real estate can be the introduction of strategic investors a total of about 30 billion yuan. The sale of tens of millions of dollars a day and defense on the Beijing Chaoyang District three sets of real estate listed companies earnings before the day and defense announcement that the company intends to 3 sets of Beijing real estate real estate intermediary companies to be sold to the public through. Notice that located in Beijing, Chaoyang District, three sets of real estate were not less than 6 million 800 thousand yuan, respectively, $7 million, $12 million 500 thousand transfer. Chinese railway construction and other construction companies and the opening of the railway "and" mode is widely concerned by 11:47 on October 5th, China Chinese railway construction enterprises construction of the "new era of Tanzania Zambia railway and the first railway trains from Ethiopia, capital of Addisababa. Marks the complete China Railway "going out" is a major breakthrough, "The Belt and Road" marks the achievement. The reorganization of the enterprise supervision strengthen the number of listed companies assets restructuring failed in the securities and exchange of "Huyou" "follow" the reorganization of the supervision and control, before the major asset restructuring of listed companies are aborted, several companies issued announcement said, in October 10 on the stock相关的主题文章: