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National birthday retired business! Zhang Bo opened a new chapter in life in Beijing on September 30th news, as Zhang Bo’s 28 birthday, the famous basketball media Su Qun puliao, the former national team officially retired, the end of occupation career. Now Zhang Bo has started a new chapter in life. Zhang Bo finally played 1 times CBA is February 1, 2015, that ball Bayi home court victory over the Zhejiang team, substitute Zhang Bo played 12 minutes and 22 seconds, scored 2 points and 3 rebounds. Last season because of a shoulder injury, he did not register to play the league, gradually disappeared in the eyes of fans…… Zhang Bo CBA is the starting point of career 07-08 season, but he only played in 1 games for the army, playing less than 3 minutes. Zhang Bo CBA in the true sense of the first show is the 08-09 season, and from 2010 onwards, he became the main scorer of the Bayi team –10-11 season averaged 13.7 points, 11-12 season, a total of 10.7 points. At the CBA for 8 years, Zhang Bo’s single most high score is 32 points, from the 11-12 season at the Dongguan Bayi team. In addition, Zhang Bo was also a member of the Chinese men’s basketball team, the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games and the Asian Games in Wuhan in 2011, Zhang Bo is one of the members of the Chinese men’s basketball team to win. Zhang Bo also talked about for off-site events, including the rumored "Chinese first draw" Shoushou; in 2010 the national team training list, but was expelled for violating the curfew. Zhang Bo is no longer a professional player, he began to venture, including investment in the gym, into the life of another piece of heaven and earth. However, Zhang Bo is also associated with some CBA players. Before, Zhang Bo in the social media drying out a photo of his dinner with Zhu Fangyu. Retired on the birthday, Zhang Bo is a new start! (Jimmy)相关的主题文章: