Nanyang old Lai exposure briefless active repayment for delete

Nanyang old Lai exposure briefless active repayment for delete blacklist the newspaper news (reporter correspondent Wang Fushuan Chang Zhaojun) "I cobble together 30 thousand yuan sent to you, please send me information on the list, delete it, do not hang on the face!" The day before, the debtor Zhao came to Wolong District Court of the executive board to fulfill its obligations, he also did not forget to tell executives must remember to remove his name from the list. August 2010, Zhao in the preparation of the hotel process, Zhang borrowed 30 thousand yuan. When Zhang Zhao to ask for a much-needed money, Zhao Moujun also not to excuse for various reasons. Zhang Yizhisuzhuangjiang Zhao Mousu of the court, the court Zhao repayment. After the entry into force of the judgment, Zhao ignored the court’s decision to refuse to perform obligations, Zhang apply for enforcement. In the course of the implementation, Zhao take various ways to evade the court executive. In order to deter those who refused to fulfill their legal obligations under the "Laolai", the hospital timely announced a number of debtor "blacklist", including the "Laolai" zhao. Since the blacklist published, Zhao’s business deserted a lot, in order to avoid their own reputation to cause greater adverse effects, then took the initiative to the court to fulfill its obligations. This year, in order to urge the debtor to conscientiously fulfill the obligations determined in effective legal documents, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of creditors, the Wolong district court to actively use new media platform, continue to push the old Lai blacklist, as of now has a total of 82 "Laolai" exposure. In the face of the debtor does not fulfill the obligations specified in a legal document, the hospital according to the provisions of the Supreme People’s court, through to publish the list of dishonest debtor practices, make the person subjected to execution is limited in the social credit, reputation, production management and tax relief and high consumption and so on, to facilitate the debtor to perform as soon as possible the duty, so that cases can be carried smoothly, effectively improve the working efficiency of the court, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, reflects the efficiency and authority of the court. The 2 (Nanyang Evening News)相关的主题文章: