Nanjing pilot network about cars full range of insurance premium of about 12 thousand single trolley-alienware m17x

Nanjing pilot network about cars full range of insurance premium of about 12 thousand with a single car around the net about car rules draft released in succession, the network also began to concern about car insurance. The 26 day, the casualty Jiangsu branch and Nanjing High German car network about the signing of cooperation, in the province took the lead in trying to network about car insurance comprehensive insurance. In accordance with the provisions of the Nanjing network about the new car draft, Nanjing to meet the conditions of the private car can be converted into a net about car. The insurance company said, the purchase of private cars is household insurance, if in the process of network about the car accident, the insurance company has the right to refuse. Private cars are non operating vehicles, can not purchase carrier liability insurance. After the private car is used for operation, the property of the vehicle is changed, and the corresponding insurance should also be changed. Casualty Jiangsu branch car dealer channel manager Tao Yugen, currently signed online car insurance, is the limit of the sum insured commercial third party liability insurance is 1 million yuan, the actual purchase price of the car is the car damage, according to the invoice price to cover each passenger seat, the driver insurance is about 500 thousand yuan. The High German car network about the insured vehicle are unified purchase, the first batch of 30 car insurance network about cars have been put into operation before the end of the year, the Nanjing market will launch 200, next year will be in Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Xuzhou city on the 500. Ordinary civilian car insurance about four thousand or five thousand yuan, about the introduction of the new car network, operating costs increased by about $150%, only a single car to pay a strong insurance on up to $1800, insurance costs roughly $12 thousand." Nanjing High German Network about car chairman Kou Songsong introduction. Author: Zhao Weili相关的主题文章: