Nanjing, a company by the name of instant messaging Internet phone sales fined 50 million 830

A Nanjing company by instant messaging network phone sales fined 50 million 830 thousand – Beijing Legal Network reporter Wang Kaiguang recently, from Mengyin County of Shandong Province, Linyi city Industrial and Commercial Bureau investigation in Nanjing Communications Technology Co., successfully solved the serious case of network marketing. The case involved 510 thousand people, investigation involving the amount of 140 million yuan, the amount of fines of 50 million 830 thousand yuan turned over to the state treasury. In September 2015, Mengyin County Industrial and Commercial Bureau Bureau received a written report even bargain victims: a Nanjing Communications Technology Co. Ltd. membership through the website to carry out network telephone service, a member from the main revenue development of offline, with MLM. Seriously study the business rules of the company found that law enforcement officers through the investigation, Nanjing’s communications technology limited company to carry out APP instant messaging client network telephone business name, take the registration system of referrals, charge 200 yuan, 1000 yuan, 5000 yuan, 10000 yuan entry fee, the development of text, voice, video edition, version mall version of the client four different levels of membership, at the same time (Grade A) down development member (B). After law enforcement officers found that the Nanjing State Communications Technology Co., Ltd. through five commission system, a class can receive a total of B to buy a total of 28% as a reward. B can develop the C level member, a B client can receive the purchase of 5% of the total reward until to receive E membership fee commission, motivate members to develop off the assembly line. At the same time, the company has direct sales awards, grants, awards, small market entry bonus reward model. Law enforcement officers from more than 30 victims in Mengyin County, the transaction details of bank accounts, Alipay, China UnionPay, POS accounts for the company’s legal representative Zhang Yizhong et al to query the evidence, the accounts involved more than 100 total query time, extraction the transaction details of nearly 10000, sort out the flow of funds, personnel offline relationships finally, determine the main bank accounts of the company’s alleged pyramid scheme 39, found that nearly 50 million yuan of funds. Law enforcement officers believe that the company propaganda that membership after long distance local call free, only a few days later will not be able to use, is a typical use of communication software for entry fee under the guise of behavior, which is a kind of typical network marketing, marketing model. According to the regulations prohibiting pyramid schemes, the Mengyin trade and Industry Bureau made its confiscation of illegal property 48 million 830 thousand yuan, a fine of $2 million administrative penalty decision. In addition, as of closing the business sector to help members refund a total of 42 million yuan.相关的主题文章: