My First Gaming Experience With Resident Evil 4

Shopping-and-Product-Reviews My first gaming experience with Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries is truly a nerve wrecking one as .pared with the main game. Despite being a bonus mini-game series, it is much harder as there are much more and faster moving enemies and you are given a time limit to eliminate as many as you can. There are 5 main characters to choose from. But if you are just starting out, you only get to play Leon Scott Kennedy with a tailgate pistol, riot gun and handful of hand grenades which you can find from items in certain places or left behind after the enemies are killed. You get to choose from Village, Castle, Base and the new Waterworld which did not exist in the main game but just created to fill up the vacuum in Mercenaries. In order to unlock 4 other characters Ada Wong, Jack Krauser, the Hunk and Albert Wesker, you need to score at least 30K points with Leon first in the village. Then once you get to unlock Ada as a result of that, you need to achieve the same with her and other characters to unlock the corresponding one. Based on my experience, Leon is the hardest to play. His only powerful weapon is the riot gun which works best with close encounters with many enemies. The other weapon tailgate pistol is not really effective and you need to shoot at least 2 to 3 times before the enemy dies from afar. On the other hand, Ada has semi-automatic rifle, machine pistol and incendiary grenades. Krauser with the bow and arrows as well as his powerful Las Plagas-infected arm which can turn into blade. Hunk with plenty of hand grenades, ammo and machine pistol and Wesker himself with the most artillery. Each battle zone has a sub boss besides the usual enemies. In village, there are twin chainsaw wielding Bella sisters who emerged in 3 pairs once you killed 10 villagers and more. In castle, there are 3 Ganadors chainclaws wielding and blind armored gladiators. In base, you will face the .mandos and JJ while in waterworld, you need to deal with 2 Super Salvadors giant chainsaw wielders and dozens of .mandos. The main objective is to obtain the Hand Cannon an extremely powerful and deadly cannon gun. To do that, you need to score 60K points with all 5 characters in all 4 different battle zones. I naturally started off with the easy one by playing Albert Wesker and easily .pleted all 4 stages with 60K points and more with his rifle, magnum handgun and assortment of hand, flash and incendiary grenades. Then followed by Ada Wong, Hunk, Krauser and finally Leon whom I really have a hard time with in Waterworld since he needs to kill Super Salvador from close range by aiming and firing at his head with riot gun. Just one miss will result in him being beheaded by Salvadors chainsaw with just a single strike. All in all, Resident Evil mercenaries is truly an intense yet challenging game if you know how to play correctly. Even after .pleting the main game, I am still playing it every single day. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: