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Mobile phone real name system   operators should bear the liability, communication channel, original title: mobile phone real name system operators shall also be liable for   before the association from the capital of the Internet news comment Specialized Committee was informed that the Beijing Unicom has about 800 thousand users, Beijing mobile also has about 1000000 users are not real name registration. On October 15th, during the notice period of time did not go through the procedure of registration of users, telecommunications companies will suspend communications services in accordance with the law. The real name system for mobile phone business, said at least ten years, but often failed, reason lies in the various opposition. One of the more representative of the opposition is that the mobile phone real name system of citizens’ freedom of communication. But I think the phone is not real name real name, and freedom of communication is not related. Real name, as long as the content is legitimate, the same no one interfere with you say a happy. Freedom and responsibility are closely linked together, the mobile phone real name system is conducive to urge people to enjoy the freedom of communication at the same time, better take responsibility for their own. I am in favor of the mobile phone real name system, it is mainly because of the serious consequences of the serious situation of telecommunications fraud rampant today and the mobile phone real name system no doubt can be a means to curb telecommunications fraud. Although we can not say that mobile phone users must can eliminate these criminal activities, but always give a premeditated and implementation of telecommunications fraud problems, increase the cost and difficulty of the crime, the public security organs will investigate and combat the convenience. In addition to being able to deal with telecommunications fraud, mobile phone real name system for some other criminal activities to curb and combat, but also can play a role. The relevant government departments for the purpose of the mobile phone real name system may have a variety of ideas, but standing in the position of ordinary people, the main purpose is to contain and combat telecommunications fraud based criminal activities. That being the case, it should do a good job, to combat the crime to maximize the function. But on the current policy, this work also need to seize several key points. First, the mobile phone real name system should be in accordance with the unified action. For example, if only the implementation of the mobile phone real name system in Beijing, other regions have not been fully implemented, then the phone real name system to combat and curb the effect of crime is not obvious. Beijing’s mobile phone real name, those who intend to commit crimes can be purchased from other places of non real name mobile phone cards to commit crimes, the significance of the implementation of the mobile phone real name system in Beijing has been watered down. Therefore, the implementation of the mobile phone real name system, it should be a unified national deployment, unified operation of telecom operators, the unified implementation of a unified national mobile phone real name system. In this way, the mobile phone real name to curb and combat the crime will be fully functioning. In addition, there is no clear responsibility for Telecom operators. Through the implementation of the real name system, operators have almost mastered the personal information of all mobile phone users. The source of the current telecommunications fraud is the disclosure of personal information. Operators can ensure the safety of these personal information? What if personal information is leaked from the operator? I think this has to set a rule to clear the responsibility of the operator. If the user’s personal information from the operator相关的主题文章: