Ministry of Finance fiscal expenditure, government procurement and other random checks

Ministry of Finance: the financial expenditure of government procurement implementation of all random original title: Ministry of Finance: financial expenditure, government procurement and implementation of all random sampling in new network on 14 October, according to the Ministry of Finance website news, the Ministry of Finance recently issued the "Ministry of finance" and "random" list random rules "the Ministry of finance. To determine the fiscal expenditure, fiscal revenue, assets, financial accounting, government procurement, asset evaluation, supervision of financial bills, the comprehensive agricultural development and other 8 financial inspection matters all included in the "list", the implementation of all 100% random checks. "List" clearly the various law enforcement inspection items based on sampling, sampling, inspection personnel, inspection content, frequency and frequency of sampling, sampling methods, etc.. The "rules" provisions, the Ministry of Finance shall adhere to the basic requirements of random work supervision and standardization of the State Council put forward the fair and efficient, open and transparent, to promote synergy, and in accordance with the unified management, unified organization, unified program, unified administrative punishment principle of organization and implementation. The "rules" of the random work organization and implementation, inspection procedures, announced the implementation of such content as the specific norms, including the establishment of a random sample of a unified information platform to achieve, to determine the inspection object, randomly selected random inspection personnel target; the whole record of random process, the realization of the responsibility can be traced back to carry out financial law enforcement inspection work; according to the Ministry of Finance random list and annual inspection plan, avoid arbitrary law enforcement; random sampling and processing information to timely input random punishment information platform, to the public in a timely manner, and realize the sharing between the relevant departments, establish and improve market integrity, breaking the Joint Disciplinary and blacklist system etc.. The "list" and "rules" promulgated, the Ministry of finance is the implementation of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on deepening administrative reform, accelerate the transformation of government functions, an important measure to further promote decentralization, put the tube combination and optimization of service reform deployment, to standardize the financial administrative law enforcement behavior, reducing the abuse of power, to promote the sunshine and fair law enforcement and it is of great significance to improve the efficiency of supervision. Next, the Ministry of finance will continue to introduce the specific implementation details of the relevant inspection matters, to further enrich and improve the relevant work system. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: