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Ministry of environmental protection: motor vehicle exhaust emissions is still the main source of pollution in Beijing since November 2nd, affected by adverse weather conditions, China’s northeast, North China, a wide range of heavy pollution process. Ministry of environmental protection, 5, told the media, analysis shows that nitrate is still the most important component of the process of PM2.5, indicating that vehicle emissions are still one of the main sources of pollution in Beijing. According to the November 2nd -5 period in Northeast China sustained heavy pollution weather process, in consultation with the Ministry of environmental protection experts, and sent 12 inspection groups to carry out supervision and inspection of heavy pollution area. Since November 2nd, affected by adverse weather conditions, heavy pollution in large areas of Northeast China, North China, the largest impact area reached 630 thousand and 380 thousand square kilometers, pollution coverage in Beijing city and Tianjin City, Hebei Province, Shanxi Province, Liaoning Province, Jilin Province, Heilongjiang province and other 7 provinces (city). November 3rd to 5, the Northeast have Suihua City, Harbin City, Daqing City, Baicheng City, Songyuan City, Shenyang City, Liaoyang City, Changchun City, Anshan City, Yingkou City, Dalian city in 11 cities AQI hour value reached 500, including Harbin City, Daqing City, Suihua City, the pollution etc. serious. 4 afternoon, a number of cities in North China PM2.5 peak concentration, which is the most heavily polluted cities in Baoding region, to achieve serious pollution; the 5, North China’s air pollution levels eased. PM2.5 group of heavy pollution weather process in Northeast China’s online monitoring results show that, the coal, biomass combustion and emission source is the main contribution of PM2.5 pollution in Harbin City, accounted for about 35-40%, 20-30% and 20%. Coal and motor vehicle emissions are the main sources of PM2.5 in Shenyang. The analysis of Beijing and its surrounding areas shows that nitrate is still the most important component of PM2.5 in this process, which indicates that vehicle exhaust emission is still one of the main sources of pollution in Beijing. The morning of November 5th, the Ministry of Environmental Protection Minister Chen Jining once again held a special meeting of the deployment of response requirements, attaches great importance to pollution weather response, timely response measures to strengthen supervision and supervision, safeguarding public health. Vice Minister of environmental protection Zhao Yingmin Liaoning, Jilin special coordination and Inner Mongolia province (District) government leaders stressed, promptly launched the emergency plan, the implementation of emergency measures to minimize the effects of heavy air pollution. The environmental protection department has sent 12 inspection teams to key areas of Tianjin City, Hebei Province, Heilongjiang Province, Jilin Province, Liaoning Province, Shandong province to carry out the heavy pollution weather emergency inspection, focus on supervision of local emergency plan implementation, the work of the government and the relevant departments to carry out the implementation of the enterprise, the heavy pollution weather emergency plan, and the atmosphere pollution emissions. Inspection found that first, some local governments to deal with heavy pollution weather attention is not enough. The heavy pollution process, a number of cities have serious pollution, but the emergency response is not timely, response measures are not in place, there are 39 companies air pollution emissions anomalies, suspected of exceeding. The two is the straw Jinshao responsibility is not implemented. Satellite remote sensing shows that Heilongjiang straw burning fire point reached 415.相关的主题文章: