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The Ministry of Education announced the details of the reform: the senior high school entrance examination exam subjects and content will change the conference site news: the Ministry of education today (20 days) held a news conference to disclose details of senior high school entrance examination enrollment system reform. According to a senior high school to further promote the reform of the examination enrollment system of the Ministry of Education issued guidance on the "" (referred to as "guidance"), to further promote the high school exam enrollment system reform (referred to as the senior high school entrance examination reform). In the end the reform of the exam to change what? The goal of this reform is to gradually establish a "junior high school proficiency test score + comprehensive quality evaluation" of the high school enrollment model. Focus on changing the current high school enrollment will be part of the discipline as a result of the simple addition of admission as the sole basis for the practice, to overcome the only score theory. First, the promotion of junior high school proficiency test. After graduating from junior high school and senior high school entrance examination two test one, merged into the junior high school level test, to achieve a multi test to reduce the number of students preparing for the burden. The change of the examination subjects constitute language, mathematics and foreign languages as a basic subject, unified admission score as the subjects. Sports are included in the admission score subjects, test scores or other scientific requirements, guide students to strengthen physical exercise. At the same time, according to the principle of moderate burden, and simultaneously, determined by the other pilot areas into the "admission score of subjects, prevent group partial section. National curriculum programs set by the subjects are included in the scope of academic proficiency test, but do not seek to include all subjects into the enrollment scoring subjects, so as not to increase the burden on students. The reform is also proposed, in the premise of each course qualified, can also give students the right to choose, the development of students’ strengths. Therefore, the students’ academic proficiency test, will be able to choose in addition to language, mathematics, foreign languages, sports other than the "admission points". However, not only the arts, not only to choose science subjects, and simultaneously. There is no choice of subjects, not only to learn, to test, but also to achieve qualified". The change of test content and mechanical training to reduce the memorization of the nature of the content, pay attention to students the ability to analyze and solve problems, enhance the spirit of innovation and ability of students. The results can be used to change the expression level, scores and other forms of presentation, reiterated the conditional area to encourage "grade" presentation requirements, prevent students from the point of contention, excessive competition. Second, improve the comprehensive quality evaluation of students. Reform explicitly asked the pilot areas to the overall quality of the evaluation of high school enrollment as a basis or reference, so in the past in a subordinate position ", refer to the comprehensive quality evaluation" to become the protagonist, really play a role in the high school admission. On the content of the evaluation, it is necessary to refine and improve the content and requirements of five aspects: Ideological and moral character, academic level, physical and mental health, artistic accomplishment and social practice. Focus on the evaluation, emphasizing the comprehensive development of students and personality characteristics, pay attention to check the students’ daily behavior norms and outstanding performance. Evaluation procedures, stressed the need to do a realistic record, will be used to recruit students to use the facts of the material publicity, audit, the establishment of a comprehensive quality evaluation file. Use in results相关的主题文章: