Military court of the people’s Liberation Army do a good job this year, the rule of law education of e3300

The PLA Military Court: do the new network this year recruits law education work in the legal network news reporter Chen Liping correspondent Yang Tanhui Zhang Xingpo recently, the PLA military court issued "on the job this year recruits legal education work notice", requiring the military court to further enhance their understanding, innovation of law education, enhance the effectiveness of legal education. To strengthen the organization and leadership, conscientiously do a good job this year recruits legal education work. The circular pointed out that the rule of law is to recruit new recruits to cultivate the spirit of the rule of law, the majority of soldiers to fight the law enforcement law enforcement thinking based on specific measures. Of the party since eighteen, President Xi will comprehensively and deeply promote the rule of law in army strictly published a series of important speeches, provides a theoretical guide for action and follow the rule of law education. Eighteen third, fourth, fifth plenary session to strengthen the concept of universal law, the establishment of the judge in the case of interpretation system put forward clear requirements. The new military court system, highlight the military work in the position and role of ruling army according to law. The military courts at all levels should conscientiously study and implement the Party Central Committee and the Central Military Commission and chairman of learning decision-making instructions, effectively enhance the adapt to the new system, perform new functions, to fulfill the new mission responsibility, to carry out a profound understanding of the importance and necessity of the rule of law education in the construction of rule of law in the army, to higher standards, more practical initiatives to ensure that recruits the quality of legal education. The circular stressed the need to seriously study the work of the new system to deepen the rule of law in the work of the legal mechanism and methods, to explore the actual situation of their respective cases of the actual rule of law recruits new ways of education. Make full use of high-quality educational resources in the inside and outside the rule of law, legal knowledge and reader published guidance materials, the military judge sent troops to carry out in-depth into the barracks and other activities. It is good to combine education with self-education, universal education and individual education, centralized education and regular sex education. Pay attention to the professional advantages of the judicial organs, grasp the case to explain the law, so that the rule of law education into the heart into the heart. Pay attention to the use of information technology, the production of the rule of law animation, good use of military positions on the Internet, in time for the recruits to provide efficient and convenient online legal services. Notification requirements, military courts at all levels should go to the construction of the rule of law thought Xuan assembly chairman, guide recruits firmly establish the belief in the rule of law and the rule of law. Carry out service according to law, perform their duties according to law and education law troops, strengthen the recruits Every order is executed without fail. organization and discipline, strengthen the training of cadres according to the troops, troops, the backbone of civilization scientific idea goes out. The laws and regulations of the extensive publicity field of national security and public safety, guide the recruits to express their demands, consciously abide by the law, failing to find a method to solve the problem by law. To solve problems of officers and men, to carry out legal problems investigation and legal consultation, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of officers and soldiers in accordance with the law. The leaders of military courts at all levels should conscientiously organize, coordinate and improve the guidance and the combination of infiltration, so as to enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of the rule of law education. With a good image, excellent quality and style of military cadres to promote the implementation of education.相关的主题文章: