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Mid Autumn Festival to eat moon cake, but there are three categories of "mother" should not eat moon cake – Sohu mother and daughter can not eat moon cake? The Mid Autumn Festival is coming soon, this is a traditional festival in china. In the Mid Autumn Festival when the whole family together, watching the moon, watching the Mid Autumn Festival party, and then eat moon cake. Moon cake is essential food for the Mid Autumn Festival, but for the more special mother, in the time of pregnancy can eat moon cake? Mother will eat moon cake will be harmful? Expectant mothers how to eat moon cake is healthy…… These are the questions that we all want to know, so let’s take a quick look. Expectant mothers can eat moon cakes mother is able to eat moon cakes, but experts suggest that mothers can not eat moon cake eat too much at once, to eat more appropriate. Although many of the fillings is nutritious and delicious, eating moon cakes can also provide some nutrients. But the sugar inside the moon cake is very much, expectant mothers eat more prone to gestational diabetes. And the moon cakes are basically baked, so the mother if you eat too much of it will cause fire, there is a possibility of mothers will cause obesity, endocrine disorders, so mothers must know: moon cake delicious, but in moderation. Mothers harm too much to eat moon cakes to eat moon cake "hot air" from the perspective of Chinese traditional nutriology, moon cake is "heavy sugar" products, production procedures are fried and baked will produce "hot air", at the time of production, or gastrointestinal stagnation, so oily sweet cakes for the mother is not a very good food, at the time of pregnancy is best not to eat too much food to avoid drugs Zaohuo, Yin consumption in liquid and the effect of the baby. The moon cake "nutrition" is because of the high content of the materials in excess of moon cake sugar, fat, cholesterol, it will produce very much heat. We can take the moon cake that we all like very much, for example, each of which has 870 calories (of which there are about two calories in each of the 220 yolks), while the average person takes only about more than 2 thousand calories a day. So, in terms of calories, the mother to eat a moon cake, then basically equal to eat a lunch. And, in this moon cake is not only no dietary fiber, but also contains about 44 grams of fat, 525 mg cholesterol, 16.4 grams of protein, 66 grams of sugar. Therefore, each person should be less than 50 grams of fat per day, cholesterol intake should not exceed the amount of 300 mg, so the moon inside the heat is too high. The three category of expectant mothers should not eat moon cake next to the mother is best not to eat moon cake, one is suffering from gestational diabetes mother. Two is in the pregnancy after the weight gain is very fast expectant mother, the reason is that the moon cake inside the fat, heat is very high; three is the body is not very good mother. Because of heavy sugar cakes, the digestive system is not very good mothers, the moon cake is more difficult to digest, so frail, especially has been sick mother, so it is best not to eat moon cakes. How to eat moon cakes? Love to eat相关的主题文章: