Mid Autumn Festival small holiday Guizhou tourists 11 million 555 thousand and 100 people-widcomm

The Mid Autumn Festival holiday, 11 million 555 thousand and 100 tourists Guizhou – Beijing Beijing in September 17 Guiyang Xinhua (reporter Yang Qian) reporter from the Guizhou Provincial Tourism Commission was informed that, as at 17, 18, the Mid Autumn Festival holiday three days, Guizhou Province, a total of 11 million 555 thousand and 100 tourists trips, tourism revenue reached 7 billion 98 million yuan. During the holiday, as in most areas of Guizhou Province in sunny weather, an invigorating autumn climate and suitable tour, set off a climax in tourism. Guizhou scenic spots around the introduction of preferential policies, rural tourism by tourists preference. Guizhou tourists, through the network booking, self driving travel and so the number of self-service tourism has increased over the previous year. During the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the majority of the public and tourists to families, relatives and friends, small groups self-help travel form, the province’s focus on monitoring the scenic reception of tourists accounted for more than 65% of the total reception capacity. From Chongqing, Chengdu, Yunnan and other aspects of the number of self driving tourists increased significantly, self-help tourists have become an important source of holiday tourism. During the Mid Autumn Festival, Guizhou Huangguoshu Waterfalls scenic spot, Tongren City Fanjing Mountain Scenic Area, Xijiang Miao Village area, 24 turn area, Baili Azalea scenic area 9 scenic tourists more than 100 thousand passengers. According to civil aviation, railway, highway department statistics reflect three days out of Hong Kong Airlines 979 flights out of Hong Kong Railway Passengers 112 thousand and 300 passengers; import 780 trains, which increased 6 flights out of Hong Kong, 423 thousand and 400 passengers, including high-speed rail import 390 trains, inbound and outbound passengers 194 thousand and 600 passengers to the car into the highway;; the flow of 2 million 197 thousand and 700 vehicles, 2 million 189 thousand and 300 vehicles to traffic. (end)相关的主题文章: