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Men work on the first day of Jiangxi power plant suffered collapse accident: fragile life scene original title: the first day started, Lao Zhu caught up with the accident in November 24, Fengcheng youth online (China Youth Daily · youth online reporter Li Jingying) at 7 o’clock, old swim up to the toilet. Just listen to the outside to hum a loud noise and scared him a jump, he thought it was someone playing firecrackers in the morning, but soon felt wrong, because then heard a huge sound of metal striking back. Then he saw a shocking scene: not far from the cooling tower under construction, the tower collapsed. "It’s over. It’s going to die."!" Old swimming constantly said. Hong Kong village is the nearest village from Fengcheng "11.24" accident scene. The old village, the two storey house tour from the cooling tower in the accident and the nearest tower collapsed. It is reported that the cooling tower belongs to the three phase of the expansion project of Fengcheng power plant, the construction unit is Hebei billion smoke tower engineering Co. ltd.. Fengcheng power plant three expansion project was started in December 28, 2015, of which the cooling tower project (total height of 165 meters) was started in 2016 in April, the current cooling tower construction completed more than 70 meters. The cooling tower construction since the day and night, 24 hours shifts. When the accident occurred, the construction unit is zero class and early handover. This is the old tour to determine the death of many people, the basic basis. Zhu Renhe (a pseudonym) rental in Hong Kong Village, he is Jiangsu Yangzhou people, he and dozens of villagers came here from Yangzhou, because they are the "boss" from a Hubei electric power construction engineering company has got the project "install steel stove" work. "They (the casualties in the accident) is doing civil work, we do the installation," said Zhu, the accident occurred, he was working. First time to the scene of the accident. Old Zhu came from Yangzhou yesterday, today is the first day of his work, it was the accident. "Human life is too fragile! I don’t want to do it. I’ve been home these two days!" Like the old Zhu told reporters, and like himself! The accident, has confirmed that 67 people were killed and 2 people were injured, and another 1 people are in the rescue.相关的主题文章: