Meishan cracked selling Zhang Xianzhong Shen silver case recover relics thousand pieces (Figure) (

Meishan cracked selling "Zhang Xianzhong Shen silver case recover relics thousand pieces (Figure) in Meishan (micro-blog) in Pengshan District of Jiangkou Town" Jiangkou Shen Yin Ruins ", is one of the central area of Zhang Xianzhong Shen silver experts unanimously confirmed"". Over the years, the river buried relics and rich legends derived from the legend, attracted all kinds of people coveted a piece of precious cultural relics stolen from the water cut and trafficking…… In October 14th, the Chengdu Daily reporter learned from the Meishan police, after more than two years in Meishan City, Pengshan district two public security organs of careful investigation and continuous fighting, the Ministry of public security supervision of 2014.5.1 large excavation of cultural relics case successfully solved. Two years, the police task force was removed in more than and 10 provinces, the excavation of cultural relics destroyed 10 gangs, destroyed 9 cultural relics in the network, prosecuted 70 suspects, recover relics of more than a thousand pieces of precious cultural relics in 100, including 8 national heritage, two relics 38, three grade 54 pieces of cultural relics, the cultural relics of the transaction amount of 3 million yuan. The case lasted for two years: cracked shaking daowa major Zhang Xianzhong is Shaanxi Yanan people, the Ming Dynasty Chongzhen three years (1630) in 1644 to participate in the peasant uprising, Mizhi, Emperor Zhang Xianzhong in Chengdu, the number "". Historical records, Zhang Xianzhong defeated Sichuan, a large number of gold and silver into the river. Jiangkou Town is a town in Pengshan District of Meishan City, the Minjiang River rushes through from the side. Pengshan district cultural relics protection management director Wu Tianwen said, in early 2005, 7 pieces of silver in the Minjiang River dug up the local construction of city water supply project, identified as the Ming Dynasty silver, which belongs to the national precious cultural relics. In 2010 it was established as the municipal cultural relics protection units "Jiangkou Shen Yin ruins". By the end of 2015, more than 10 experts in the Imperial Palace Museum, the National Museum comprehensive institute of archaeology Archaeology Department, the State Bureau of cultural relics Institute of Underwater Archaeology and other units issued opinions that: Pengshan "in silver deposition history of the site" is one of the central areas of silver Zhang Xianzhong shen. Pengshan District Public Security Bureau deputy director Liu Lianggui said that in 2013, the police get clues, some people with professional diving equipment night to sneak into the site area, daowa heritage high resale. After investigation, Meishan police quickly set up by the vice mayor of Meishan City Public Security Bureau, Gu Yongzhong as head of the Meishan Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy director Liu Changlin, deputy mayor, Pengshan District Public Security Bureau Director Guo Yi as deputy head of the Meishan Municipal Public Security Bureau "5.1" large excavation of cultural relics case task force. Early, even the family, unrelated colleagues are not allowed to disclose the case." Vice mayor, Pengshan District Public Security Bureau Director Guo Yi said, after a year of secret investigation, to tease out the 6 excavation, 3 Gang Gang to reselling silver precipitation sites of cultural relics as the goal, more than 40 suspects, involving more than and 10 provinces and cities nationwide. The time is ripe to close the net in April 2015. In April 25th 212, Meishan city police arrest team composition, divided into 8 groups, in Yunnan, Sichuan and other places of the 6 excavation Gang launched simultaneously arrest. To 31 of the action within 12 hours of detention "Xiwang rewards" coins 27, 39 silver coins, gold, gold and silver more than 1000 other miscellaneous pieces of more than 100, also seized a large number of suspects on the car相关的主题文章: