MediaTek just ready to rise Samsung has announced a big move – Sohu technology next year antik

MediaTek just ready to rise Samsung has announced a big move – Sohu technology shortly before HUAWEI Hass released kylin 960 processor next year, the official business of ARM Cortex-A73 CPU and Mali-G71 GPU core, GPU graphics performance changed the previous common impression of kylin, beyond the existing high-end Qualcomm snapdragon 820 processor. Mali-G71 is mainly used for high-end processors, today ARM has launched a mid-range market for Mali-G51 GPU, for the 2018 device. Also released Mali-V61 VPU, support 4K 120 decoding. ARM Mali-G51 GPU first for the Mali-G51, and before the release of the Mali-G71 use the new Bifrost (in the Nordic myth of the rainbow bridge, WOW road of Odin VU) architecture, but on the performance of G71, G51 compared to more focus on energy efficiency. Mali-G51 position is similar to T800 in the Mali-T830 series, the mainstream equipment, the official said the performance is 1.6 times the previous generation, the performance is 1.6 times, mainly for mobile products in 2018, VR provides acceptable performance, support higher screen resolution. Details of the G51 core on the ARM website there is no Mali-G51 GPU, single core figure words with G71 not what difference, but can expect less the number of rendering unit, but most of the technical specifications are the same, including support for Vulkan, OpenCL 2 and OpenGL ES 3.2. ARM Mali-V61 VPU Mali-V61 is a video processor, belonging to one of the IP core of ARM company to provide, but not every company will choose, after all, it belongs to the added value, is not necessary. In VPU, ARM before the V550 V500 is already very good, support H.265 VP9 encoding, would support 4K resolution, Mali-V61 now did not change much in the video encoding support, but also improve the efficiency, improve the quality, the same quality less bit rate bit rate can save 56% or the same bit rate. Support 10bit HEVC VP9 and 4K UHD encoding and decoding efficiency higher better parallel performance of parallel Mali-V61 is better, single core support 1080p60, 8 core can even support 4K120 streaming media, the user can according to need to configure. In addition, Mali-V61 also supports the introduction of AFBC 1.2 compression on Mali-G51. According to South Korean media reports, Samsung plans to mass production of 16nm and 15nm technology in the second half of 2017 DRAM memory particles, Samsung called 1ynm process. wall相关的主题文章: