Media review front does not represent a good day on Hong Kong or now collapse disk decline-tda7294

Media comment: single front does not represent a good day for Hong Kong or decline in Hong Kong this season disc collapse is not optimistic: football newspaper reporter Chen Wei reported on two fronts, finally stopped, then, the Hong Kong League only one front, but this does not mean "good day" coming soon. Due to the continuous against the enemy, the slightest mistake, the port may collapse in. Last season won the League runner up, created the Hong Kong team in the history of the league’s best record, also won the qualification of the season AFC Champions League. This season was the Hong Kong to face three competitions (league, FA Cup, AFC Champions League), but in the FA Cup was decimating eliminated, only the league and tournament on the Hong Kong AFC Champions League completed a breakthrough in AFC Champions League, reached the top 8 AFC Champions League. At the beginning of the season, the Hong Kong Group Chairman Chen Xuyuan said in an interview, the team goal of the season in the Super League, is a top three (next season to qualify, two AFC Champions League) is in the implementation of group AFC Champions League stadium. In the AFC Champions League level, the port has been completed, in the league level, now ranked fourth on the Hong Kong still should strive to accomplish three goals. After finishing the game with the north, the Hong Kong returned to Shanghai on Wednesday to prepare for Sunday’s match with greentown. Although the music ranking far less on Hong Kong, but in the relegation key stage will surely die in Greentown home court fight, Hong Kong will take not too easy. Nearly 5 league games, only one win on the port, and the remaining 4 games are flat and negative 3. Away game against Greentown, the Hong Kong will encounter the problem of the whole staff. And the north of the game, the team defender Jin Zhourong injured, according to the South Korean team sources, though the wound is not too serious, but it will recover before Sunday’s game remains unknown. If Koreans cannot play, Wang Shenchao marvellous and Wang Jiajie are likely to be in the centre of defence. Because of accumulated yellow card suspension in AFC Champions League El Eriksson, rest, Sunday comeback performance expectations. Evra, although not in the AFC Champions League battle, but in the league is not the problem. Evra, Hulk, Wu Lei and El Eriksson, Hong Kong is currently the strongest attack combination, will complete the assembly on Sunday. Erickson needs to consider is that after aierkesen play, he and the Hulk position how to coordinate. In the last round of the league and the national security, the Hulk in front of quite free position. The opening time, the Hulk is the center, but he later turned up in the hole, the end of the game, he appeared in the end position. The location of the Hulk is changeable, the impact is aierkesen activity space has been squeezed in and led El Kessen to the national security of the game almost invisible. At present, the Hong Kong Shenhua 2 points behind, the Shenhua home court against already successful relegation Lifan, winning great possibility, if not in Hong Kong Greentown who take all 3 points, and the difference between Shenhua will widen. Even more serious is that the next schedule for the port is not too favorable. After the game on the Hong Kong and Greentown, ushered in a series of Hengda (main), Suning (guest) and Luneng (main) challenge, the opponent is not in the title (Hengda, Suning), is to avoid relegation, and strength.相关的主题文章: