Mata coach should be rumored to return to the state to join the big brother-denka

Mata coach should be rumored to return to the state to join the big brother? Recently due to the arrival of the transfer period, all kinds of rumors constantly. The first is the child may be added to the RNG to play on a single, because looper to return to study, and MATA want to coach. Just in case the coach FLY RNG left the search for a new club, the tigers live in about the matter, the rumors have spread to South korea. It was found in the live, assisted Gorilla qualifying Huya when meeting the MATA, asked the question: Gorilla heard this rumor: Looper to go back to school, Mata to coach such words: Mata Gorilla RNG: unlike rumors atmosphere also is actually good, looper is also trying to practice writing in the text, it seems to go back to reading the news is not so reliable. Another rumor is not raise a Babel of criticism of will left OMG to join brother GDG clan. Recently, the dog ran to check the state of the room, the dog directly call him old state, returned to the state to send a very expensive gift, it seems that the rumors are not two people false. Of course, there are sharp eyed people also found no state in live mouse home. And this mouse is also the management of GDG, it seems that there is no state really want to join the GDG? OMG fans said that no state that now is the off-season, so go to friends home to play. But the big brother special called elixir, stateless and others to his team, playing for GDG training game players training. It seems that this rumor is not reliable, let’s wait for the official announcement of the major. (Palm)相关的主题文章: