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Government To Re-examine Compensation System For Asbestos-exposed Veterans Posted By: sinuse

asbestos surveying Results Announced Of Hse’s Latest Asbestos Management In Schools Inspections Posted By: sinuse A timely reminder of the importance of the right asbestos management surveys in educational establishments is the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) publication of the results of its most recent asbestos in schools inspection initiative. The period between April 2013 and January 2014 saw the inspection by HSE of a carefully selected random sample of 153 schools outside local authority control, including independent, voluntary aided and foundation schools, academies and free schools. 71 per cent of the inspected schools were not required to make any changes to their present asbestos management arrangements or were given straightforward, simple advice. HSE did give written advice to 29 per cent (44 schools), and needed to take enforcement action for 13 per cent (20 schools). This action was in the form of improvement notices setting out a requirement for recipient schools to adjust their asbestos management arrangements. Failures like training staff and the production of written management plans attracted enforcement action – not due to pupils or staff being deemed at significant risk of exposure, but because these are vital elements of the required control measures.

asbestos management Asbestos Management Plans: Responsible For Managing Asbestos Posted By: Raddick Price

Asbestos Management Plan Benefits Of Having An Experienced Mesothelioma Lawyer On Your Side Posted By: Vicki Sutherland

mesothelioma Asbestos Management Services For All Buildings Constructed Prior To The Year 2000 Posted By: Hollie Moon Many health risks are associated with asbestos, which, in the past, was used as a material in the construction of many homes and offices. Fortunately, today, the health risks are known, and there is something that the property owner is able to do to reduce the risk to their health. Buildings that were constructed prior to the year 2000 may have been built using asbestos. If you are a business owner that is conducting their business in a building that was constructed prior to the year 2000, then you definitely must take concern. The dangers of asbestos are a risk to all members of the company and a health risk that the business owner must be aware of and not overlook. The law also regulates that all business owners are obligated to manage asbestos. This is to protect the individuals within the company so that their health is not at risk. For companies that are conducting business in building where asbestos was used as a building material in its construction, the asbestos management is necessary and must be performed.

asbestos Asbestos Awareness – The Asbestos Management Plan : Where Does It Fit In? Posted By: Safe Training

Asbestos Awareness Investing In Or Renovating Commercial Property – Do You Need An Asbestos Survey? Posted By: Jamie Lyons Investing in new commercial premises can be a costly and adventurous decision. For many it is however a logical progression and essential to ensuring the growth of an organisation. When looking at a commercial property investment there are a great number of factors to be considered – from the price, location and renovation requirements; through to the legal arrangements and finance planning. If the property you are looking at was constructed or worked on between 1950 and 1999 there is another absolutely essential health and safety aspect to look into in order to stay on the right side of the law and ensure that the building is safe for occupation: whether asbestos is present and if so; the risk of exposure to asbestos containing materials it may present. In accordance with the HSE’s Control of Asbestos Regulations, duty holders are legally obligated to manage asbestos in non-domestic properties and similarly, are accountable in the eyes of the law for shortcomings on this front. The dangers of asbestos are widely acknowledged and the fatalities directly attributable to exposure to asbestos containing materials in the workplace increase year on year.

business Do You Have Asbestos In Your Building? Manage It Safely With Green Coatings! Posted By: GEORGE C. KEEFE Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that has been continually used for centuries worldwide. It is best known for its fireproofing characteristics and can be found in over two thousand building products. Even though it was outlawed in 1974 in the USA, it is still produced and used in many countries, such as China and Russia, while other countries including Japan and South Korea have recently placed a full ban on the manufacture, import and use of asbestos. Even though Japan has recently outlawed asbestos, they estimate that there are over five million existing roofs alone made up of ACM (Asbestos Containing Materials) that could potentially be released into the environment. The question is not whether asbestos can cause serious medical concerns/problems. It’s proven that it can. The question is whether it can be used safely for its positive attributes without exposing anyone to its potential harm. Asbestos can be safely managed just like other hazards in our life, such as gasoline or electricity. We take daily advantage of these other potential hazards and wouldn’t think of not using them to make our lives more productive and comfortable. It can and should be the same with asbestos.

green coating Asbestos The New Surveying Guide Posted By: Ohss ie

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