Man received synthetic indecent photos were asked for 300 thousand seal fee-kasey chase

The man received synthetic indecent ask for hush money 300 thousand original title: executives suffered "pornographic" original PS photo extortion Yangzi Evening News (correspondent Qin Gongxuan reporter Pei Rui Yu Qiyue) working in a bank in Nanjing Zhang recently encountered a dilemma, a registered letter with his "pornographic" sent to in his office, but he could never have this affair, Zhang immediately to Nanjing Qinhuai police. Qinhuai police found that the recent situation is still a lot of such police, crooks ask for 300 thousand yuan per seal fee, the police reminded the public to guard against being cheated. Zhang is a senior executive of a bank in Nanjing, in November 10th he received a registered letter, there is a photo of him and a woman nude. Zhang was shocked, never do things why such a photo? With the photos together to send, there is a blackmail letter, saying: "we already know your infamy, give you three days to my bank card hit 300 thousand yuan, otherwise it will be related to your secrets and privacy, to the bank report, posted on the Internet, let you ruin!" Zhang then carefully check the photos, although the man in the nude is his face, but the man in the picture she was fat and his image does not match. Zhang then call 110 for help. Police contacted the relevant technical personnel for identification. After identification, the picture is indeed a computer PS synthesis photos, head and body convergence is obviously not natural, PS technology is not brilliant. Zhang told the police themselves usually like to take pictures from the circle of friends, it is possible to find their own circle of friends from the head. Editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: