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Man for the fraudulent credit cards of others tried to finishing 28 pages of notes – Sohu news in April this year, who lives in Xindu District Ms. Yang wake up every morning, you can see on the mobile phone number verification from shopping website, SMS payment tool code. During the period of her other credit card for the bank also sent a text message, saying that someone tried to modify the bank card information, Ms. Yang did not start to care. July 5th began, Ms. Yang has received a message on the phone to a bank. SMS, said her online banking login in the early morning. Ms. Yang went to the bank after the inquiry found that the card more than 1400 yuan was transferred to another credit card on their own. "I didn’t activate the credit card." So Ms. Yang called the police. In July 18th, the metropolis police will suspect xiaomou Danghuo in the street. Xiaomou account, last year he cracked a friend’s mailbox, Ms. Yang et al. Personal information found in the mailbox. After that, he will try to change the associated telephone, address and other information related to the bank card, Ms. Yang, he went to apply for a bank card is lost to the bank and receive a new card. When Ms. Yang found, xiaomou through its replacement bank card consumption of about ten thousand yuan. Police said: "since 2014, Shaw began to consciously collect personal information of others." Xiaomou account, others in the mailbox of personal identity information preservation is the main source of him, and he will take the initiative to increase the stranger’s WeChat, always pay attention to the drying out of the circle of friends in the boarding and other hidden personal information. The police to a notebook at home xiaomou search, recorded nearly 30 people’s personal information. Chengdu Daily reporter noted that this book is a 28 page, each page is almost like a person filing". These personal information, the simple identity card number, but also includes the details of the mailbox, address, the name of which bank cards, bank cards and other social details of the repayment date. The police, xiaomou usually obtained using other information, modify the victims’ credit card bills, associated telephone address, then the loss and send a new card. The police, after a preliminary verification, xiaomou crime more than 10 cases, involving an amount of 3 yuan. At present, xiaomou was detained for alleged fraud. Chengdu Business Daily reporter Peng Liang相关的主题文章: