Malatang and poppy owner jailed was sentenced to 8 months at a fine of 10 thousand yuan in Beijing-gigolos

Malatang and poppy owner jailed was sentenced to 8 months 10 thousand yuan fine – Beijing Malatang and poppy stall made jailed for selling poisonous and harmful food crimes was sentenced to 8 months at 10 thousand yuan fine Mala stall Wang in order to attract more customers, add poppy in their spicy hot pot. Use after a deadbeat heartbeat reaction after report Wang booth to the public security organs and the police seized several stalls, stalls are eating spicy eaters, the urine test results also showed positive morphine. Yesterday morning, Wang court trial in Fengtai (see chart), and was convicted of selling toxic and harmful food crimes were sentenced to 8 months and fined $10 thousand. Spicy "feed" to attract diners 30 year old Wang Heilongjiang Province, previously due to open mount illegal Lane showmanship, sentenced to administrative detention by the police. In March 17th this year, Wang suspicion of selling poisonous and harmful food crimes, was Fengtai branch of criminal detention, was arrested in April 21st. The prosecution alleged, March 2016, Wang and his wife Jiamou in Fengtai District Fan Village intersection 200 meters North East, without permission, secretly operating "malatang". In the meantime, Wang will buy from others of poppy shell, added to the Malatang seasoning and soup, and spicy on cooked in the soup and the bottom material to Wang, Yang, Wang et al sales. In March 16th, Wang Fengtai police seized, the scene seized a spicy soup, bottom material, string. After identification, were detected in morphine, codeine narceine components of these goods, the consumption of spicy string, Wang Yang, Wang Moumou, Jiamou were morphine positive urine test results. Diners discomfort alarm Beijing morning news reporter learned that Wang’s behavior was seized on the basis of the diners report. The night of March 16th this year, Mr. Xu said he went to the police station after eating Malatang in Wang’s booth after physical discomfort, so the suspect Wang in the soup to add illegal ingredients. Mr. Xu said he suffers from headaches, but every time I eat spicy, headache symptoms were eased. But every time you eat, you will feel your heart beat faster, and your face is hot. I went to eat a few times, I feel very fragrant, and later on to eat." The number of times, Mr. Xu felt a little wrong, the Internet search related symptoms, suspected Wang added a poppy seed at the end of the soup, they went to the police station to report. Police immediately raided the Wang roadside stalls, and several diners are stalls on the gobble down brought to the police station to assist in the investigation. The investigation, Wang’s booth and without any license, and urine in several diners on the scene back, Wang’s wife, several human urine tests showed a positive morphine". Wang’s wife said that he does not know her husband in the soup in the "feed", it will also eat spicy. Business is not move crooked mind Fengtai court hearing of this case, Wang self defense. During the trial, Wang accused the prosecution of crimes and charges are not inconsistent, pleaded guilty. Wang said he was opened after being processed, in September 2015 photo相关的主题文章: