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Magic space-time race "warrior’s gate" battle stars in the world of entertainment news and Tencent demons raging magic world, ethnic separatist party huoluan, magical action blockbuster "warrior’s gate" in the fairyland has the huge background of the world. In the Fantasy Kingdom quite shaken the foundation in the invasion of pillage and burn, and Treefolk, Ming Xi Kara Hui played a number of Fine Mountain race taken advantage of the crisis, in the film as the dreamland expedition adds a lot of trouble. In November 18th, by Mark, Ni Ni, Sheldon, Wu Zhenyu, Dave · International Co productions starring Kara Hui Xi Mengyao and Batista, will open the mysterious veil of the world. Treefolk mountain fine fairyland journey through thousand beings destroyed by a single door, two side by side. When the "heroes of the door," the opening of the space and time tunnel, will show a different kind of wonderful scenery. The expedition members in fairyland fairyland journey to save time, Princess Ni Ni, Mark knight and Sheldon Wu Zhenyu with the boy wizard’s King Dave · Batista started fighting, at the same time they also face a mysterious race caused by the scourge in the dreamland. Dryad, mountain and other fine mysterious race in the dark forest, mountain and other places entrenched a sinister, waiting for the land expedition challenge. The cunning lurking in the dark forest Dryad, their appearance pure, delicate looking actually sinister, also love with deceit attack in the dark jungle lost travelers. Treefolk leader played by Xi Mengyao, Xi Mengyao said: "to play a magic figure, the space is very large, is a wonderful experience." In the film, they will in special effects creation becomes the appearance of evil, frightening the body. Dreamland expedition in the face of Treefolk group, will also be cautious. In a dangerous mountain, mountain fine stop fantasy expedition. Kara Hui as the boss of the mountain, bloodthirsty as life. She is in the rugged, steep hill in search of all creatures can cook. This is the mountain area of various grasses and lush, animal, but in essence the mountain shadow appears bleak desolation. In order to save the land expedition in jeopardy Fantasy Kingdom rush into danger in the face of mountain terrain, known as fine when it appears quite powerless. The giant star diamond turned bright fantasy barbarian is deductive Tarawa fighting in the nation, by the Barbarian King Dave · Batista led the barbarian legion, they all love to try not to make active hand style. In addition, there are other barbarian descent in catalytic evil magic, they will become the embodiment of savage giant, invulnerability. The expedition in the dreamland and tens of millions in the pretty flame, but also face the giant bombardment, they will be a major part of the film is also his circuitous or bloody battle in the end. "Warrior’s gate" by the Shanghai KEMET film Limited by Share Ltd, Europa Corp, France based beauty pictures limited joint production. All the special film production in France, and other changes after Treefolk barbarian image is produced entirely by computer CG technology, they in the illusion even if there is no sense of violation and also fight action look realistic, interesting.相关的主题文章: