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Maggie Cheung was approached to a fair Nicholas front restaurant meeting – Sohu entertainment Maggie Cheung Nicholas Tse eat delicacy Sohu entertainment news today, "Twelve Feng taste 3" around the UK market exposure delicacy a section of Maggie Cheung and Nicholas Tse. More exciting content do not miss this Saturday’s "Twelve Feng flavor" phase eleventh. Maggie Cheung Nicholas Tse was visiting the UK market in the face of the delicacy and I approached a superb collection of beautiful things approached to come by, elegant goddess Maggie Cheung and Nicholas Tse together and they were all chowhound essence, also found "the British version of" Chinese moon cake! In the video, into the British food market Maggie Cheung, Nicholas Tse was immediately received by the hospitality of the bosses. A handsome little seafood meal to keep the Maggie Cheung approached, more "I boast the seafood meal here is the best!" Maggie Cheung is also very face to praising That ‘s good!" Although the way in a foreign land to eat, but two people still read Chinese delicacy, with the British pork pie, Maggie Cheung was called "Chinese like moon cakes!" Slobber looks full of whimsy. The original Maggie Cheung was so chowhound? What will she confided in the show delicacy "? Nicholas Tse Feng taste restaurant meeting comments delicacy fully professional thank chef once again to the restaurant in front of many kitchen front meetings, but actually not direct them according to Feng taste of cooking recipes, but to ask what they choose to do dishes. I thank chef what new plans? The audience is already familiar with the kitchen in front to see Nicholas Tse under the guidance of the complete cooking, but Nicholas Tse was asked in the scenes in front kitchen "what do you want to do?" Decide for Feng cooks dishes, Nicholas Tse to comment on, and carefully taught. It is so warm, warm heart full of chefs, just don’t know who will come to the kitchen front end result? In the episode, Nicholas Tse took off the kitchen chef service let front have tried according to the recipe has now begun to let them take charge as chief of, decide what to do. What kind of change does he want? Whether the performance of the kitchen will make him satisfied? This Saturday, "Twelve Feng flavor 3" for you announced. Maggie Cheung was approached to a fair Nicholas front restaurant meeting相关的主题文章: