Madonna was traced to new romance zhikua small 14 year old black male Meng (video)

Madonna was traced to new romance zhikua small 14 year old black actor Madonna and Izos Aybar "Meng" (information) two people worked at the Madonna concert in the star studded hand Madonna concert fans become Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Diva Madonna (Madonna) is not only the charm of the stage is amazing, as music for decades. Love life is also of concern, had originally came with her ex husband Sean (Sean Penn) – Pan chance compound, did not think the man was recently photographed kissing and other actress, causing uproar, but she seems to not take it seriously, but was exposed with little of her 14 year old black actor Izos – Aybar (Idris Elba). Madonna a few days ago to attend a boxing match in London, after sharing the joy on social networking sites, direct "pest", Kuayizhuosi AIBA also posted and the other head on the head, lying on the floor of the photo, message said "I kicked his ass, especially went backstage to help cheer" the sun ", according to reports, 2 people participated in the activities of the party, from A to Z stick tightly, more than 1 hours in the dance and hug kiss, completely don’t care about others’ eyes, the audience has revealed their eyes only for each other". Yizhuosi AIBA played "Pacific Rim", "Thor", "StarCraft", "War: the vast expanse of the beast" and other films no exit, looks rosy, strength has been confirmed, more promising is the next generation of "007" candidate. In fact, this is not the first time he publicly and Madonna meet each other previously held in Germany will participate in the tour, 2 people in Taiwan to hand, after the interview, more praised Madonna whether music achievements or privately are very beautiful, zizijuju revealed ambiguous feelings.相关的主题文章: