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Macheng during the National Day reception of Chrysanthemum in full bloom with eight tourists 100 thousand passengers in October 1st to 7, during the National Day holiday, nearly 100 thousand people went to the Macheng City five brain Mountain National Forest Park dream flower, chrysanthemum chrysanthemum garden Huangtugang Industrial Park, Futian River and chrysanthemum production and processing base of urban Park Square Chrysanthemum Exhibition, visiting the park, enjoy the chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum tea, but drink chrysanthemum wine, go in suspension, and drink wine, a maze of hanging pot to eat Macheng meatloaf seats and other special activities, many tourists will Chrysanthemum Tea, chrysanthemum wine as a gift to friends and relatives in the bag. Only in the five brain Mountain National Forest Park dream flower chrysanthemum garden is composed of all kinds of chrysanthemum, good luck, Five blessings descend upon the house, birthday celebration 100 chrysanthemum promenade, children’s park attractions such as the other more than and 100, display size about 500000 pots of chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum 1000 varieties. Lifelike chrysanthemum shape, attracting tourists from all over the country have stopped taking pictures. "Do the chrysanthemum show in between the green mountains and rivers, fresh air environment, each of the spots and cultural meaning, I will make more friends to see the chrysanthemum hill back." Said excitedly from Tuanfeng County Tung Chrysanthemum Exhibition after reading. This year, Macheng City chrysanthemum repeatedly encountered heavy rain hit, after the storm flood every time, each planting bases are quickly organized to carry out clean-up of silt, chrysanthemum agricultural planting trees of various types of chrysanthemum, to minimize disaster losses. Ma Gang Zhen Zhang Jia Dun Cun City loess villagers Ceng Wei said: "the heavy rain on July, caused a major disaster to our Juyuan, now hold the chrysanthemum show, we can run farmhouse, selling all kinds of chrysanthemum products, make up for the loss." Macheng City chrysanthemum perennial planting area of 50 thousand acres, yield 13 million kg, a series of value of more than 520 million yuan, the city has more than 10 chrysanthemum production, processing and marketing enterprises, products are sold in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Beijing, Wuhan and other provinces and cities, chrysanthemum leading enterprises "Hubei aurum-o Agricultural Development Co. Ltd." products are also exported to Malaysia, Singapore and other Southeast Asian market. Macheng City is the hometown of Chinese health chrysanthemum, and Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Yancheng, said the three major areas of Chinese medical and health care chrysanthemum. State Administration for Industry and Commerce awarded the "Macheng white chrysanthemum" geographical indication of trademark, and through the national agricultural products of geographical indications protection and pollution-free agricultural products base. This year, Macheng City has held the fifth annual chrysanthemum industry development and cultural tourism festival, a large number of chrysanthemum farmers in the development of chrysanthemum and the development of rural tourism to get rich. Five brain Mountain National Forest Park based on tourism and poverty alleviation, tiger shaped village to build tourism base, 2016 for 69 households, 224 poor households into the park to help the poor precision of employment, per capita income 1860 yuan. The city is expected to total revenue during the chrysanthemum festival will exceed 20 million. For more information, please refer to [big Chu Huanggang] WeChat subscription number相关的主题文章: