Macao, Zhuhai and other places this winter and spring water protection work officially launched a

Macao, Zhuhai and other places this winter and spring water protection work officially started – Beijing, Beijing, Guangzhou, September 12 (Suo Youwei Wu Yirong) the Pearl River Water Resources Commission 12 news release, this winter and spring support in Macao and Zhuhai water supply security situation is not optimistic, Macao, Zhuhai and other places water protection work has been officially launched. According to reports, the day before the Pearl Fangzong organized 2016-2017 Pearl River in dry season water regulation chamber of Commerce, the official start of the thirteenth dry season water regulation, to ensure the safety of water supply in Macao, Zhuhai and other places this winter and next spring. According to the introduction of the Pearl River flood control and water departments, the current Zhuhai local reservoir better, effective water 29 million 970 thousand cubic meters, of which silver bamboo reservoir effective storage of 18 million 610 thousand cubic meters, water storage capacity was significantly more than the same period last year. In September 2016, the Pearl River Basin Rainfall is expected to slightly more than normal, from October 2016 to March 2017 the Xijiang River and North River Basin Rainfall were low, the West and North River natural water flat dry years the possibility of a larger, Xijiang Wuzhou Railway Station natural water may continuously average flow of two months less than 1800 cubic meters per second. Consultation believe that in view of super El Nino event lag effect and the possible impact of La Nina events, this winter and spring protection in Macao Zhuhai water supply security situation is not optimistic, there are four unfavorable factors. First, the current lack of storage of the upper reaches of the main reservoir, water resources can be scheduled for less than the same period last year. As of September 8th, one day, Longtan, Baise and other key reservoir total effective water 9 billion 988 million cubic meters, 7 billion 110 million cubic meters less than the same period in 2015. The two is to predict the dry period of low rainfall, dry water, does not exclude the possibility of extreme less the Xijiang River and Beijiang River natural water. Three Zhuhai is lagging behind the local water supply pipe network construction, and dry season reservoir group replenishment ability. Four is not controllable risk factors, faced with water pollution emergencies, project operation risks and adverse weather and hydrological conditions and other potential threats. In view of Zhuhai, Macao this winter and spring water security situation grim, Pearl Fangzong will continue to do the upstream reservoir, the key to supervise and guide the local Zhuhai good reservoir pre impoundment, water supply and water regulation for later reserve water. In the critical period of the implementation of the total amount of upstream reservoir scheduling, continuous replenishment to the downstream, while urging Zhuhai to do a good job in the local pipe network maintenance and water supply scheduling, emergency plans, etc., do a good job in the preparation of fine scheduling. The Pearl River Commission Director Shu Qingpeng said, the relevant departments to the scientific establishment of water dispatching plan, make full use of rainfall and runoff in September relatively favorable conditions, strengthen the risk control and management of water, as far as possible for the late water reserve scheduling. To strengthen the prediction of water and salt conditions, timely rolling optimal scheduling scheme, in case of adverse conditions timely start fine scheduling plan. (end)相关的主题文章: