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Ma Zhanwu: innovation road leader – Politics – Ma Zhanwu (left three) is leading the team in the field of personal archives: the Ning’an railway is the largest station in Wuhu Railway Station, Ning’an line currently under construction, but also the people of Wuhu to achieve 2 hours to Shanghai, 4 hours to Beijing high-speed rail dream of sailing engineering. The person in charge of this project is Ma Zhanwu station. In July 2005, young students Ma Zhanwu graduated from college, came to China Railway Electrification Bureau Group Construction company. 11 years of sharpening, now, he had become take charge as chief of the project leader. In engineering practice, Ma Zhanwu realized the significance of innovation to the survival and development of the project team. The construction of Wuhu Railway Station once let the horse Zhanwu quite difficult. The station and social corridor are underground structure, the original design supporting system for reinforced concrete support, large machinery can’t work normally. Ma is a man of great learning. In order to ensure the completion of the schedule, he organized a technical force analysis program, and actively communicate with the design unit. How many nights it is difficult to fall asleep, the scene of the project left his footprints. While the scheme of analysis, while strengthening communication, and ultimately determine the adjustment of supporting system of foundation pit for the original design of prestressed cable anchor supporting system, the full release of the working face after the change, more conducive to the excavation, transportation and subsequent construction. This innovative optimization, not only saves the cost, but also to ensure the safety of the foundation pit support system under the premise of 15 days ahead of schedule to complete the node. The steel truss roof system of Wuhu high speed railway station has the characteristics of large span, high height, large area and complex structure. Support as a key part, for the long-term health monitoring of the roof system can effectively assess the use of state and safety performance, and provide the basis for daily maintenance after. Regardless of is the traditional line of method, level, theodolite, dial indicator method, or is in the popular GPS, laser image, connecting pipe, photoelectric imaging, all need to measure equipment independently, increase the amount of data and monitoring cost. In some practical structures, it is very difficult to install the displacement sensor due to the complicated operating environment. But the difficulty was not hard to Zhanwu ma. To solve these problems, Zhanwu Ma led the team, "brainstorming", focus on research, and designed the "monitoring device of steel structure seismic hinged steel bearing". This design can carry on the long-term monitoring to the support, provides the powerful safeguard for the daily maintenance and the operation management. According to statistics, in the Zhanwu under the leadership of the Wuhu Railway Station engineering team since the project has accumulated 28, the application of new technology, new technology and application of 17, 5 new materials, new equipment 5, as the project’s overall safety, quality and efficiency has laid a solid foundation. In the technical innovation at the same time, Ma Zhanwu also attaches great importance to management innovation. In September 2014, the progress of the project to the steel truss hoisting work stage. At that time coincided with the truss of tight supply, Ma Zhanwu decided to arrange two technicians in two months in the rush to Chaohu processing factory and Ma’anshan assembly plant in field supervision, and will make every detail to him, in order to monitor the truss and transport at any time. Subsequently, the factory did not happen to delay the event. But owing to the first-line information in the first time, Ma Zhanwu rapidly taken)相关的主题文章: