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"Lying fun" Shui Junyi exposed living daughter star two so ordinary Sohu   entertainment; Shui Junyi exposed daughter living Sohu entertainment news Shenzhen TV launched the first tranche of 95 university students after the expression of opinion television variety show — "lying" interesting fourth programs will be held on November 19th (Saturday) 21:25 broadcast. On the first phase of the program, Shui Junyi and the guest star daughter water Yishi "lying" interest, the topic of "circle of friends" were heated discussions, but also greatly show a father and daughter. Shui Junyi is a serious anti, personally staged from the expression package, with this group of 95 after they became a hit, netizens have called: "the father is really cute!" In this program, and the two people again, "lying in fun" in fancy. This time, they will bring us what kind of surprise? Shui Junyi exposure water poems for living expenses, the amount of this program is to beyond all expectations "cost of living" as the theme, around the "save money" and "money had gone" and other topics for discussion. As a senior, Shui Junyi played an opening soon, the exposure of the daughter’s living expenses. This thought is a big number, after all, now star children, living expenses are very impressive. Wang Yuelun and Li Xiangjia’s daughter Wang Shi on a preschool, a year tuition is 200 thousand, more than four years of living expenses of some college students. Zhao Wei in order to allow her daughter to study in Hongkong, but also denounced 200 million huge purchase luxury. As the mother of Zhao Wei has been the daughter of small April education is very heavy, huge amount of money to buy a house is a small road to education in April. But surprisingly, the same as the star of the two generation, the monthly cost of living water poems in fact almost and ordinary college students. And the game control water poems is out of pocket money to play the game for half life, are also considered "constraints"! In fact, in addition to water poems, so is the son of Song Dandan Bartle. In the University, the monthly cost of living is only 3500, and other stars compared to the two generation is also far worse, too much can be said to be more frugal. It seems that the two generation of stars, there are also a lot of ordinary life! Money goes too fast, 95 after the explosion of money for pocket money is very important for college students, and even Faye Wong’s daughter, Dou Jingtong is no exception. Early in, when interviewed, she had said: Mom gave me the money, I simply love her to faint!" Hey, even if your mom doesn’t give us any pocket money, we love her too much! Wang Yan’s son ball is more so. Early to participate in the program, the ball in the field of pocket money only to 1 thousand Tucao mom and Dad, 20 thousand than it was too stingy, prompting the crowd laughed at. Rich and willful! The son Tian Liang liangzai is still a "little", but also "money" this skill mastery mastery. In reality show to help Tian Liang to buy a pair of Long Johns, and dad wanted to play "pocket money", before it is told dad more money! It seems to ask for money this matter, we are from an early age on the get, and absolutely can not afford to lose ah! In the program, since.相关的主题文章: