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Love to see group 224th: grab a "giant" poly studios tickets "a giant" poster Hunan entertainment news October 14th is the United States Disney, produced a fantasy adventure film, directed by Spielberg, by Steven · Mark · in the lens, Ruby · Hill Penelope, Baron Wilton, Jermaine Nai · · starring Clement. October 14, 2016 release in china. Now, the big Hunan Network invites 10 people to watch the film for free! Activity film: "dream giant" activity ticket price: I pay, you view! Invitation number: a total of 10 people viewing time: unlimited viewing location: Changsha Poly International studios to join the participation method: Hunan QQ fan group (group number), participate in the activities of the notice or ask him to see the story [introduction] the orphanage a little girl named Sophie one night can’t sleep sleep, she saw in the "Wizard infested moment" and a building as tall as the giant came down the street. The giant found Sophie saw him, so he carried her back to the giants. The giant was a kind giant, a kind giant, who gathered dreams, arranged them in a glass bottle, and went from door to door to capture the good dreams they had caught in the bedroom where the children slept. He was different from the giants of other giants. Other giants eat human beings. He eats only his own food. In order to stop other giants from eating, wise Sophie gave BFG a nightmare about giant eating children, and wanted to blow the dream into the Queen’s bedroom. The two started a fantastic adventure. Along the way, they faced the threat of giant eating giants; at the same time, the little girl and the kind giant also grew out of an extraordinary friendship from the beginning of distrust. "Dream giant" set a warning for the big eyed giant

爱看团第224期:抢保利影城《圆梦巨人》观影券《圆梦巨人》海报大湘娱乐10月14日讯 是美国迪士尼公司出品的奇幻冒险电影,由史蒂文·斯皮尔伯格执导,马克·里朗斯、鲁比·巴恩希尔、佩内洛普·威尔顿、杰梅奈·克莱门特主演。2016年10月14日在中国上映。现在,大湘网邀请10人免费看该片!活动影片:《圆梦巨人》活动票价:我买单,你观影!邀请人数:共10人观影时间:不限观影地点:长沙保利国际影城参与方法:加入大湘QQ影迷群(群号),参加活动看公告或问群主 【剧情介绍】  孤儿院里一个名叫苏菲的小女孩一天夜里睡不着觉,她在“巫师出没的时刻”看到一个和楼房一样高大的巨人沿街走过来。巨人发现苏菲看见了他,于是便把她拎回了巨人国。  这个巨人是好心眼儿巨人,好心眼儿巨人专门搜集好梦,把梦分门别类地装在一个个玻璃瓶子里,再挨家挨户地把捕捉来的好梦吹到孩子们睡觉的卧室里。他与其他巨人国中的巨人不一样。其他巨人都吃人,他只吃自己种植的食物。  为了阻止其他巨人继续吃人,聪明的苏菲她让BFG调制出一个关于巨人吃小孩的噩梦,并想要把这个梦吹到英国女王的卧室里。两人由此开始了一段奇幻的冒险之旅。一路上,他们面临着巨人国吃人巨人们的重重威胁;与此同时,小女孩与好心眼儿巨人也从一开始的彼此不信任,成长出一场非同寻常的友谊。 《圆梦巨人》定档预告 好心眼巨人梦幻来袭相关的主题文章: