Love to open his eyes Joe Chen domineering closeup eyes refuting rumors of plastic

Love to open his eyes? Joe Chen domineering closeup eyes barge facelift rumors Joe Chen Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Joe Chen in the Performing Arts Center to the mainland, has a high popularity. The day before her to celebrate micro-blog number of fans to break 50 million, specially collocation public welfare activities, let the fans enjoy her live open eat delicacy appearance, but during the live broadcast, she said there is always questioned the eyes of the knife, in this regard, she is closer to the lens, close-up eyes, refuted the rumor. Joe Chen 24 at noon and the mainland public welfare activities, love a bowl of rice, all the proceeds will be donated to the children in poor areas, funding their nutritional lunch. She is in the days before micro-blog notice this activity, first asked "why would anyone want to see me live to eat?" And that the end of the broadcast, she also participated in the new conference, if the clothes are too tight, to shrink belly full. Live, Joe Chen mouth to eat barbecue, porridge delicacy appearance, is a fan of certification is a complete and correct chowhound. Eat half, Joe Chen suddenly said, every time someone in the Sun online photo of her, love her eyes really satirical nature "," she loves to open his eyes, although she believes this does not need to respond, but because she does not love is misunderstanding, so explain to everybody, and my eyes, this is what is called "domineering open? My eyes have long been so called, "do not hide in the dark to attack others".相关的主题文章: