Love donation hope Shanglin enterprises into the house to help Fu Chi out of poverty –

Love donation "hope Shanglin enterprises into the house to help Fu Chi out of poverty – Guangxi Channel – love business into the Shanglin donation" hope house "to help Fu Chi out of poverty – Guangxi Channel –

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‘s online forest on 30 September, September autumn, fruits. The afternoon of September 30th, the Nanning Communist Youth League, Nanning Hope Project Office in Taiping Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Guangxi branch, jointly held the 2016 Taiping Life "guardian angel? Hope house public action.

, the three in Zhenlong primary school, Shanglin County Wei Temple Primary School donated 50 thousand yuan worth of love books and grants, to help the two poor village school building "wish house", and to the 300 children in two schools sent a micro wish gift, but also for the Dragon primary school 10 students from poor families paid 500 yuan per person grants.

thank you uncle aunt gave me the extra-curricular books, this is my dream!" The dragon of the fourth grade primary school art week holding exquisite love books, love.

"Mom and dad working in Shenzhen, usually rarely go home, so I want a doll, you can always accompany me." The second grade primary school of Qin Ai wish dragon received micro wish gift uncle aunt sent, smiles on their faces.

subsequently, Taiping Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Guangxi branch of the aunts and uncles of the children and the children to carry out knowledge lectures and interactive games, lectures in the harvest of knowledge, the growth of social knowledge. In the game, children laughter can be heard without end as one falls, another rises, feel the deep concern and care.

it is reported that the next two years, Nanning Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League in 421 poor villages in the city to establish a "full coverage of hope house". Nanning City hope office responsible person, and now has built about 80 "wish house", but the gap is still relatively large, hope to have more love business, caring people to participate in the "wish house" public welfare projects, let the poor mountain children to love reading, reading good books, as they like a pair of wings of dream. (Ruan Xuri, Liu Qiong)

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