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[lottery Lotto 16101 365] wind period: before the district Danma 2122 29- Sohu China sports lottery lottery lottery results 2016100th lottery results: 0812192630 + 0212, three than 2:1:2, parity ratio 1:4, 1 note first prize, the prize pool accumulated sales of 194558808 yuan, 3372470173 yuan. 2016101 big lottery forecast: review: 30 Danma comprehensive recommendation 2+0 this period: analysis and value analysis: the rise of 25 points out of 95, and the value increased slightly in the following hundred points, and according to the value of the trend continued to decline recently, this period value rebounded slightly, recommended in 70-100 point out. Three analysis: the area on the 2 yards, a recent district number is undulating, the head area code is still optimistic about the trend, pay close attention to 1 number, recommended 1 yards; zone two on the 1 yards, the recent two district number covering, this period value chuhao rebound, zone three on the recommended 2-3 code; 2 yards, the recent three district number decreased, this period value normal number, 1-2 code. Recommended Lotto 16101 stages: 0102070910182021 2223282931323335. The area before the 3 bile: 212229 area analyses: on the issue of all combinations of the 0212, as the parity form. This period value issued after the coupling form combination; combination of small area recently less, this area focus on small and large portfolio covering. Lotto 16101 area recommended: 04+12 06+12. Select 9+3:07 1018202122293233 + 040612 color city has the risk, betting need to be cautious, the above analysis is for reference only (source: lottery ticket 365)相关的主题文章: