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Loss of equity funds in the first half of 300 billion solid income class earned nearly 60 billion – fund channel as of August 31st, the fund raised in the end of the disclosure of the report in 2016. Combing the public fund in the first 6 months of the "book" is not difficult to find, equity products and fixed income products, the results show Rainbow Night. The first half of this year, hybrid funds and stock funds total loss of about 300 billion yuan, monetary fund and the bond fund first half profit increased by about 50000000000 yuan and about 7000000000 yuan, QDII fund first half of more than 500 million yuan profit. In addition, the closed-end fund losses of 3 billion 36 million yuan, the end of the fund for the allocation of net income of -2.36 billion. From the fund company’s ability to make money, Celestica fund, Societe Generale fund, Huafu fund to occupy the top 3 list of profits, which Celestica fund topped $8 billion 762 million profit. From the net profit rate indicators, the public fund is still attractive profitability of the industry, the 37 fund companies in the first half of the average net profit rate of 25%, Xin Yuan fund and Societe Generale global (340006, fund) fund net interest rate is highest, up to 49.5% and 45.63% respectively. According to product statistics, the IMF is undoubtedly the most profitable fund varieties in the first half. The first half of this year, Celestica balance treasure currency, Chinese cash B, ICBC currency, GF currency B, CCB cash, Warburg Tim Lee A, silver currency (163802, fund) B, South fangzeng Li B, A E, the Chinese cash Xingquan Tim liberty to occupy the top half of the profits 10, all money funds, the balance of treasure Celestica monetary profit to 9 billion 345 million yuan to occupy the first place. Taurus financial network researcher He Fajie believes that the differentiation level of the first half of the fund profits, in addition to the factors of stock market and bond market volatility, but also the Internet financial bubble being squeezed, risk aversion increases and other factors, so the fixed income varieties in public funds to favored. In addition, the fund sales from the traditional banking channels, showing the electricity supplier, the trend of direct sales, but also an important factor in the performance of the fund and the size of the change. In addition to structural changes in product performance, the 2016 semi annual report of the fund presents another change from the public fund product holders of institutional". In the past to low threshold, retail and retail as the main characteristics of public funds, is being held by more and more financial institutions. Report shows that the proportion of institutions declined slightly to 52.3%, but was still above 50%, bond fund institutions accounted for the highest, mixed funds fell significantly, public fund institutional investors accounted for the increased gradually from the beginning of 2007, in 2015 more than 50%, instead of retail has become the main holders of public fund, up to 55.7%. Among them, bond funds, alternative investment funds and money market funds in the share of more than half of the body. "For the time being, bond funds and money funds have been well received by institutions because of earnings stability. Since the first half of the bond market relative to the performance of the stock market, the agency massive holdings of bond funds, bond funds accounted for a further rise in the proportion of institutions, reaching a record high of 75.6%." Kay)相关的主题文章: