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Look at this round of market regulation — Chongqing channel — people.com.cn for nearly a period of time some hot city property market continued high fever, national day and the National Day period, Beijing, Tianjin, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan and other nine city launched the real estate market regulation policy, or issued a purchase risk warning. During the national day, the Ministry of housing has also been a number of suspected illegal sales, malicious propaganda and speculation, seriously disrupting the real estate market order and other acts of real estate development enterprises and intermediaries exposure warning. According to Caixin report, in the afternoon of October 12th, the central bank convened 5 state owned banks and 12 joint-stock bank executives and a loan, asset and liability department general manager, held a commercial bank housing credit conference, to convey the spirit of the real estate regulatory conference. The central bank requires commercial banks to rationally deal with the property market, strengthen the credit structure adjustment, strengthen housing credit management, and control the related loan risks. Data show that the first half of 2016 new RMB Loans 7 trillion and 500 billion yuan, of which 2 trillion and 300 billion yuan to purchase loans, accounting for 31% of the new RMB loans, plus 1 trillion and 100 billion yuan to invest in real estate development loans, new loans accounted for about 15%, the first half of the new loans, about 46% is to invest in the real estate market. One of the variables of the real estate regulation policy is the credit policy. At present, in view of the property market "mad cow", regulators choose to strengthen the macro Prudential Management of housing finance. According to Caixin report, the regulatory authorities will strengthen supervision and inspection of the financial institutions housing finance business, strengthen the guidance of the banking self-discipline mechanism, strengthen the macro Prudential assessment (MPA) constraints, in order to restrict the commercial bank credit to the property market. Authoritative experts in an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters, said, many of the common characteristics of the property market regulation policies are to curb speculative investment demand, curb excessive housing prices, stabilize the real estate market. In the face of the growing differentiation of the real estate market, the government should appropriately increase the supply of land and stabilize the market expectations, and the regulation of real estate must adhere to the guidance of classification, because of the city planning.

且看这一轮楼市调控–重庆频道–人民网  针对近一段时间部分热点城市楼市持续高热,国庆节前以及国庆期间,北京、天津、合肥、郑州、杭州、武汉等九个城市陆续出台了房地产市场调控政策,或是出台了购房风险提示。   国庆期间,住建部也接连对一些涉嫌违法违规销售、恶意宣传炒作、严重扰乱房地产市场秩序等行为的房地产开发企业和中介机构曝光警示。   另据财新网报道,10月12日下午,央行召集5家国有大行及12家股份制银行高管及个贷、资产负债部门总经理,召开商业银行住房信贷会议,传达房地产调控的会议精神。央行要求各商业银行理性对待楼市,加强信贷结构调整,强化住房信贷管理,控制好相关贷款风险。   数据显示,2016年上半年新增人民币贷款7.5万亿元中,其中2.3万亿元投向了购房贷款,占新增人民币贷款的31%,加上1.1万亿元投向房地产开发企业的贷款,约占新增贷款的15%,上半年的新增贷款,约有46%是投向了房地产市场。   此轮房地产调控政策是否有效,变量之一在于信贷政策。目前看来,针对楼市“疯牛”,监管部门选择加强住房金融宏观审慎管理。   据财新网的报道,监管部门将加强对金融机构住房金融业务的监督检查,加强对银行自律机制的指导,加强宏观审慎评估(MPA)的约束等,以约束商业银行的信贷投放至楼市。   权威专家在接受新华社记者采访时表示,多地楼市调控政策的共同特点都是为了抑制投资投机需求,遏制房价过快上涨,稳定房地产市场。面对房地产市场的日趋分化态势,政府应适当增加土地供应,稳定市场预期,对房地产调控必须坚持分类指导,因城施策。相关的主题文章: