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Look at the U.S. presidential election TV debate the doorway you more optimistic? Sohu news style of Hilary being held carefully too rational, Trump’s witticism may not work has always been to the presidential debate and policy issues, the new year is probably: Hilary interpretation of the policy, Trump make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks. French media even joked that Hilary is preparing a "Normandy landing", she is a "brain type" candidate, strong thinking, political experience, political correctness. On the contrary, Trump is good at moving against the traditional rhetoric of politicians tired of political correctness, despite the controversy, but the special sentence can always have some sympathy with some voters. Of course, two people also have their own shortcomings, if too much rational debate may show Hilary things, University of Missouri professor of political communication Mitchell? Mckinney pointed out that TV debate, nobody cares about which candidate is smart, how much knowledge or understanding of how much the number of words. TV viewers like to say a few words in a simple way to clarify their views. Hilary should avoid falling into technical details when answering questions. Trump may also Xiao baiyexiaohe, primary debate, Trump often tricks against opponents with his rude words interrupt each other’s speech. But Mckinney pointed out that Trump could not use the quips and tricks to fill up the time, he must talk about deep problems. U.S. media pointed out that to defeat Hilary, Trump must fight for the Republican moderates and independent voters swing, so the attack strategy is not work, he must show the rational side. Democrats hope that in the first debate trump will show a more reckless side, as he has shown in the primaries in the debate. Details see table by the time Bush refers to the impatient, Nixon sick poor state influence in addition to the content of the debate, the details are very important, including the case of emergency, body language and image. Diao Daming pointed out that if the details of the error, even if the perfect reply will be greatly reduced. Review of so many years of debate, people remember the most is not how great this domestic and foreign ideas in the debate on who, but debate mistakes and attract the attention of the plot.相关的主题文章: