Lol excavator barrel weakened again the hero pool worrying

LOL excavator barrel weakened again the hero pool worrying [Abstract] recently serving the United States has officially updated version 6.17, which basically has been identified as the official version of the game. But worrying is that this version of director at jungler is weakened and the barrel of excavator, excavator has been weakened 7 times especially! Believe that after the revision of the director to see the inside fluctuation is this: let us look at the specific changes: E * Lagas cask ancient skill cooldown from 12 seconds to 1615141312 seconds to improve the grade R skills * now has a fixed time of flight 0.55 secondsvoid delver lake south to escape E * cooldown by skill 2019.519 18.518 seconds to 2624222018 seconds * R skills, skills cooling time from 15011070 seconds to 180140100 seconds can be seen two heroes Gank skills early has been cut, but EDG just need to take effect on early the rhythm, that means the director will give up the two heroes?! As for the people this kind of hero, the director during the semi-final but also to show the world their "carousel" skill, I believe the short-term not good practice that such a view will not choose, the revision manager hero pool is indeed worrying! Fortunately, this revision of wild signs of the widow has not a small enhancement, I believe this repeatedly brings a surprise hero will be next to show his style in the hands of the director! So let’s wait and see how the LPL finals and even the S6 tournament director deal with this against his own version!相关的主题文章: